BREAKING NEWS: Barack Obama blamed for rise in Domestic Violence & Killer Whale attack

I’m not gonna talk about yesterday’s Health Care Summit or whether Barack pulled out another ownage of Republicans. I mean what does it matter when the Public Option is off the table, and subsequently any form of competition in the insurance industry to help control cost. Frankly speaking, and I’m speaking as both a supporter of Barack Obama and reform. Accepting the White House’s version of the bill in its form without a Public Option because it’s better than nothing. Is pretty much like a women rationalizing that her abusive spouse beats her ass out of love…

Dammit, I wasn’t supposed to talk heath care on this one, but I digest.

But anyway, remember the guy pictured above? James T. Harris, remember him? It’s been almost 2yrs since I’ve had anything to say about him and his kneecap licking ass. But he popped up on my radar and I guess it’s all because somebody looked into a mirror and chanted “Coonwithjuice” three times . You may not remember him but he was the Negro who got on his knees at one of John McCain’s campaign stops and begged for him to take it to Obama in the debate. Remember him now? He’s also one of the few Negroes in attendance at Tea Party rallies across the country who is allowed to dance the jig speak.

Speaking of McCain, I bet he wished his arms hadn’t been shortened as a result of being a POW so he could slap the shit out of Obama when Barry-O reminded him that “The campaign is over,” at the Summit yesterday. Dammit, I wasn’t supposed to talk about the Health Care Summit, but I digestive tract….

So anyway, perennial slave-catcher James T. Harris was on Fox & Friends a couple of days ago and had this to say about Barack Obama, Harry Reid, the jobs bill, health care, and domestic abuse:

Yep, Obama is to blame for the rise in unemployment and the subsequent rise in ass-whoopins women are taking in this country. Uh-huh, and it’s also his fault that the Killer Whale at Sea World decided to run up in that woman’s living room and “attack” her unsuspectingly as he did. These Mis-guided Negroes, I tell ya.