Oakland Bus Fight Update: Michael aka ‘Bring Da AmbaLamps’ explains his side of the story on the radio

This Oakland AC Bus fight story just won’t die! And I swear, the story just gets funnier and funnier. Now, “Kung Fu Joe” decides to give his version of the event. In what’s probably the best post fight interview in history, I present to you, Michael; the brother who was left “leaking” when it was over:

OK, first of all, I’m not gonna believe that this cat is 50yrs old. Sorry pal, but lying and making yourself older than you actually are doesn’t diminish the fact that you got your ass whooped. What, I’m ‘posed to give you a pass because you’re an old nigga and your Eddie Gordo skills may have diminished? Shit, the dude that whooped your ass was 67yrs old! Sorry Bruce LeRoy, but I’m not falling for the banana in the tailpipe buddy. Besides, if you really are 50yrs old you deserve a beatdown just for wearing braids and that tired ass flannel.

Oh yeah, and what the fuck is up with him going all “Theo Huxtable” with his diplomatic tone and apologies? Um, how you gonna come off all “job interview” and tell people that’s not how you normally behave as seen in the video? But in the same breath, you blame gettin’ your ass stomped on, by being drunk. Yeah, try that “I was drunk,” excuse when your ass is in child support court and see if that’s acceptable. Oh yeah, and fuck your brother being a veteran; and your apology to all veterans. I’m just sayin’ they’re all laughing at you anyway.

At this point I give a pass to Epic Beard Man’s embellishment of the story; he’s crazy, and I expect that from him. Besides, he won the fight, and so what he stretches the truth just a tad to score some booty. But as for this dude Michael? To me, he’s just another punk who jumped up to get beatdown. And I’m sorry, but if he was my boy I’d still be laughing at his ass for being pwned as you carried the entire race on your back.