Parent Sues Over Book on Slavery

By Folk

Children, gather round. The United States harbor some very dark and difficult times. Many of the actions of our forefathers are atrocious and unforgivable. But it is best that you know about these times unfettered and honestly.

Blacks (and many minorities of color) were once considered property and denied basic rights as human beings. Many, but not all, white people considered black people as simple property. No different than a vacuum cleaner, trash can, toilet, or a chair. To be more specific, a cow was of more value than a n!gger of times long ago.

As a result of these views, many blacks were subject to various forms of violence. They were beaten just for showing expressions (happy or sad) and they were often sold (similar to selling unwanted items on craigslist or ebay). Imagine for a moment if you saw humans for sale on ebay or craigslist. These ads would be accompanied with photos of these n!ggers (property) with descriptions to their worth.

The headlines of these ads would proclaim “New shipment of n—–s just in.” or, “Nine months after you buy one of these n—–s, you will have a plantation full of n—-r babies…”

Quite dramatic and hurtful. But you must realize that as a result of this treatment and this horrible past, it has an effect on current misconceptions and social constructs.
The family of a former Warren Consolidated Schools fifth-grader is suing the district, claiming the African-American girl was the victim of racial discrimination when excerpts from a book about slavery containing “outrageous statements” — including the N-word — were read aloud in class.

The lawsuit, filed last week in Macomb County Circuit Court, says the district inflicted emotional distress and racial harassment on the girl by allowing a Margaret Black Elementary School teacher to read sections of the book “From Slave Ship to Freedom Road” by Julius Lester.

Novi-based attorney Scott E. Combs, who is representing the family, says the incident violates Michigan’s Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act, which bars employers — and schools — from discriminating on the basis of factors such as religion, color, age, height and weight. The family is seeking damages exceeding $25,000.
source-::breathes deeply::

Folk contends that the main reason the child was shocked by all of this and emotionally distressed is because the parents of said child didn’t properly prepare the child to live in America. The parents of this child possibly got a wake up call when the lil girl returned home after class and questioned parents if they were called n!ggers or were she decedents of slaves.

The child wasn’t emotionally distressed or racially discriminated from reading a book. The parents were distressed. And of course, nothing can soothe emotional distress and racial discrimination like $25,000.00 + legal fees. Folk sure that these monies would go solely to the child’s continued privately funded education and graduate studies fund.

…but wait? Where the fvck is the racial discrimination in this case? Was the child treated differently from the other children by the reading of this literary work? Did the teacher pull a chair up in front of the child when the parts with the N-word were mentioned? Maybe the teacher used the child as a prop to show how slaves were lead to the auction block! Now that would be discrimination.

Maybe the other children were given face paint to paint their faces black so the black children wouldn’t feel awkward? Black people, we got to stop being so fvcking sensitive to issues of the past! Y’all overreacting to bullshyt that is trivial!

Folk going to make an assumption. Folk’s assumption is that the home of this child has a television. Folk further going to assume that this television has a paid television subscription service tied to the television. Folk also willing to bet $15.22 that if the first two assumptions are true then BET is a part of that service. And Folk is sure that these fvcking “concerned parents” of this “helpless discriminated and emotionally distress child” views BET, often unsupervised.

In short, fvck these fvckers and their worthless lawsuit that only furthers the continued ignatology and mental incest of our children’s minds.

Protecting children from the wilds of society is one thing. There are a lot of dangers in the world. Rattle snakes, pedophiles, rabid squirrels, rapist, dogs that pee on your shoes, misogynistic males, high fructose corn syrup, misogynistic females, untrained religious zealots, computer viruses, Facebook, purple snails, identity thieves, and of course BET.

Listen people, if you got children it is your duty to prepare them for the realities of life in this twisted country with a sordid past.

Children at some point if you are black, you will hear the word n!gger. Someone will call you a n!gger and chances are it will be from the mouth of someone that looks like you. That’s the reality of life. Deal with it! Now go listen to Lil Wayne on your iPhone like a good girl. Don’t forget to do your homework either!