There is a Little Bit of Erica Winchester in Every White Person.

by JuJuBe

Hugson Jean must be the most patient man I have ever seen in my life. This witch, Erica Winchester (who teaches public speaking) went on a long ass, racist tirade and he kept his cool through the entire episode. She even slapped him, and still he did not even raise his voice. And, he is the one who lost his job! Thanks to youtube though, this woman’s disgusting behavior did not go unseen, and hopefully will not remain unpunished.

People always ask me why I think about racism all the time. They think I am obsessed. In fact, I had a conversation with a friend this morning, who told me I need to stop thinking so much about all the ways in which white people spread evil throughout the world. But, how can I?

How can I ignore the fucked up legacy I inherited based on my skin color? How can I turn a blind eye to the ways in which “my people” have degraded, demeaned, and destroyed entire populations and cultures? How can I deny the racism that I see every day?

The thing is, this woman claims she is not prejudiced. So do 99% of white people who support the fucked up racist agenda of the global system of white supremacy. I know this. I hear what white people say when they think no one else is listening. I know that the majority of “good white folks” are, in fact, fully capable of exploding in a similar racist diatribe at any moment.

The irony of this story is that damn near everybody will jump in to condemn this woman, rightfully. But then, they will go home and talk about how their children are so lucky to not have any of “those people” in their classes at school. Or they will label every Black person they work with, or attend college with as “affirmative action candidates”. Or they will call the police when they see a young Black man walking through their neighborhood on his way to a party. Or move away when a Black family moves in next door.

Racist pigs like Erica Winchester sicken me. But, I feel less anger at people like her who let their racism show freely, than those who proclaim to be color blind, yet instill hatred and fear for people of other races in their children. The media, which portrays Black people almost exclusively as criminals, pisses me off more than this woman. The brainwashing that the public school system instills in children by teaching them that all significant progress in this country has been the work of white folks is far more dangerous and insidious that the racist ramblings of one old alcoholic bitch.

It is easy to dismiss such blatant racism as the ravings of a mad woman. It is far more difficult to recognize and ameliorate the subtle, every day racism that resides within all white people. The “good white folks” who swear up and down they are “not racists” are the ones who offend me more than anyone else, simply because if they do not even attempt to recognize their own innate biases, they do not bother to challenge them.

I have heard speculation that Ms. Winchester is mentally ill, and her sickness contributed to her disgusting actions. However, I think that using mental illness as an excuse for her racism is ridiculous. Even if she is mentally ill, she is obviously high functioning, because she owns her own business. So, there is no excuse for this type of behavior. I am so sick and tired of people blaming everything on mental illness. It assumes that people with psychiatric diagnoses are incapable of knowing right from wrong. Her words came from a place of hatred, not illness.

I hope that Erica Winchester suffers the consequences of her actions. She was charged with assault and a hate crime last year, but according the police, Mr. Jean did not want to testify against the woman. However, he claims that he was never asked to appear in court, and that no action was taken against Winchester. I hope that nobody ever hires her again to conduct training seminars. I hope that the authorities revisit the idea of charging this woman for her crime. I hope that she is embarrassed to show her face in public. And I hope she becomes a pariah in her community.