Pastor James David Manning: “I Believe Marc Lamont Hill is Gay”

I dunno what’s up with “Reverend Ruckus” and the gay shit other than possible his obvious need to repress his inner and existent gaydom. But this is the second time in recent weeks that he has attacked “the gays”, or has framed a discussion of homosexuality around political correctness. Which by the way, happens to be a crutch for most people on the right who hide behind the First Amendment to advance their vitriol and hate.

Now I don’t know if Dr. Marc Lamont Hill is gay or not; frankly, I don’t give a damn. Or more specifically, I could give two shits if he is. As a matter of fact, I’ve never heard of him being “on the down low,” as black men are egregiously thought to be. But, from a very good source, I have heard that he’s somewhat of a playboy, and currently has a female ex-lover currently walking around at 3am with a flashlight, stuck on stupid because she’s unable to get over him since their breakup. But I suppose to the mind of an idiot, him being “liberal” and working for Columbia University pretty much makes him a flaming and raging homosexual, who is possibly six months away from a sex change.

Whether Marc Lamont Hill or any openly gay (or closeted) person is in fact gay, does not give licence for any one individual or group to persecute them. Point blank, it is called discrimination, and they too should be protected by law, because said persecution comes from a place where hate is fostered.

Maybe I’m wrong, but people who choose to “stay in the closet,” do so not because they believe (or know) they’re wrong as Manning says in the following video. Truth is, they choose to keep their homosexuality private because of fear of persecution by people the likes of Pastor James David Manning – ignorant close-minded xenophobic idiots – and society at large. You know, people who are of the opinion that something just isn’t right about them, because heterosexuality is part of the natural process of life, and not a choice.

So Pastor Manning may “think” Hill is gay, and it’s something he cannot prove. However, based on his ongoing commentary (some of which we’ve discussed on this site) one thing we can prove, is that he’s not only a slave-catching-negro, but he is also the embodiment of everything wrong with religion.