Oh, So Now I’m A “Bougie Bitch” Because I Hate Being Sexually Harassed By Black Men?

By Tracy Renee Jones

If you haven’t been to my post about sexual harassment, you might wanna check it out, read through the long winded arguments, and leave a comment. Really, the debate is still raging like a clergyman’s congregation. I was pleased to see the enthusiasm in the comments section. So much, verve these people have!

Due to the nature of the words I used in my post, some individuals accused me of classism. Apparently, my description of ‘a dirty day laborer’ was improper. Instead, I should have used ‘exceptionally soiled private contractor with hourly, easily negotiable rates’ as I then went on to describe my disgust at his looking at me while he played with his dick!

Truth be told, my issue with this man wasn’t his race, rather, I don’t dig men groping themselves in public, for one. And for two, I have a thing about a man’s hygiene and I probably wouldn’t consider a person that is not steadily employed with a timely paycheck though if I met him cleaned up at a social event and he was not playing with his pinga…who knows what might happen.

Rather than use the term ‘Nigger’ as I did in my initial post I presume I should have used the tried and true once size fits all (inter?) nationally accepted term of ‘African-American’, but in doing so, would I have left out the ‘Haitian-American’ men, the ‘Caribbean-American’ men, the ‘African’ men, and all others that look like Niggers but aren’t but who I meant to create a visual of by using this word.

If you cursed me, chased me, insulted or groped me and I left you out please let me know because I would hate to offend ‘you people’. I know how sensitive you all are about your heritage.

How does one group get to describe what is proper and improper for a group of people? In a country where we have freedom of speech, why should YOUR choice of words matter to me more than my own?

The only words that matter to me are the ones coming out of my mouth. I don’t require others to share my views, agree with my use of words to express those views or even believe I should have a view.


Because in order for me to feel good at night about my freedom to express myself how I see fit, I must also consider anyone else who would like to enjoy the freedom to express their views even if those views are the polar opposite of my own.

By definition Classism is prejudice and/or discrimination on the basis of social class. It includes individual attitudes and behaviors, systems of policies and practices that are set up to benefit the upper classes at the expense of the lower classes.[1] It can also include attitudes and behavior of prejudice and discrimination by members of the lower class to members of the higher class.

Now the funny shit is that more than a few authors of the comments accused me of this. By using the term “Nigger” as a description of those African Americans whose behavior I found distasteful I used a term that I was sure would call to mind blatant visual image of whatever ‘Nigger’ meant to the reader(and I think most people have a reference point).

I was told that my use of the phrase ‘dirty day laborer’ reeked of classism. By using this term I immediately insulted a group of people somewhere, somehow. But in using this term did I describe a group of people or did I cause YOUR imagination to create a description of a group of people? Now will I say I purposely used these terms to get your attention, I sure did. In doing so I knew I would ruffle some collars. But I was admonished, criticized, even personally insulted. A few of the critics made it clear that I shouldn’t do that.

But Why…..

Because polite people don’t do that…or is I because educated people don’t do that, or is it because THOSE THAT KNOW BETTER said it’s not a proper term? I was told that I didn’t ‘know any better’ as if crude language and/or intolerance are qualities that only uneducated ignorant people possess. Those who choose to abide by politically correct verbiage when discussing any and all subjects somehow believe themselves to be superior.

Those who criticized my choice of words share a common conformity to a set of standard practices; but because I don’t choose to follow these practices, I am no longer an equal. I am ‘wrong’, ‘ignorant’, or some other form of inferior. By fitting into the ‘accepted’ social construct of words which fit the ‘generally acceptable’ racial terminology these people place a value system on the belief they choose to agree with and or conform to. This is not the problem; I think people have the right to speak any way they see fit. The problem comes in when those who choose to have ideas or express those ideas in a way that the elite don’t agree with their own-the opposition suddenly becomes ‘less’. They are ‘right’, ‘good’, and ‘civilized’ people. Those who do not conform to their behavior are demoted.

Like for instance, good hard working, law abiding African Americans don’t want to be called Niggers. They don’t behave like Niggers…so they wonder “can you niggers stop calling each other nigger?” Your making us (good Blacks) look bad! WE are African American, and you can be too..if you’d just stop being a Nigger. Besides who wants to be a Nigger? Being African American is soo much cooler now that Obama is in office. And if you stop being a Nigger, then everyone will stop thinking I’m a Nigger and then I won’t be looked down upon.

Besides, I’m the type of person that likes straight talk; I want you to say what you have to say to the best of your ability so that I may understand. I don’t need big words. I don’t need long sentences. I want you to say what you got to say….so we can be clear. I have more respect for a white person that calls me a Spic/Nigger or any other epithet they choose than a white person that hates me for the race or color of my skin just the same, yet keeps their feelings to themselves for fear of being labeled. Stifling one’s choice of words allows for expression to be repressed; others are controlling what words are appropriate. The ideas expressed must adhere to social preferences, this only leads to further distraction from the issues that cause the person to feel the way that they do; they feel they have been wronged. But society is only willing to accept the truth of that wrong if it is packaged and delivered to the satisfaction of the elite.

The people that accused me of classism ….The people that write the Encyclopedia of Right….The people in charge of expression……The people that know the best words to sooth the souls of the people that other people called names……the very TOP mother fuckers in charge SAID, I can’t use the term ‘Nigger’, ‘White Trash’, ‘Cracker’, ‘Day Laborer’, ‘Fag’, ‘Bitch’ to identify another human being even if these words efficiently represent a stereotype familiar to you…I’m sure there’s more but you get the gist of what I’m saying, Right?

In other words….that’s some Classism shit for yo ass!