Jamal Parris, One Of Eddie Long’s Accusers Speak; And I Understand And Believe Him

So I heard that just before Bishop Eddie Long spoke to his congregation last Sunday, a lady in his churched yelled, “You don’t have to tell them nothing!” Well, as to be expected, he didn’t say much as he presented his non-denial denial much to the adulation of the many minions church members in attendance.

So while Eddie Long stood there with his “five stones” in his hand, and arrogantly labeled himself as “David” prepped and ready for battle with the “Goliath” media machine. I wondered just what was on the mind of his accusers. Well, thanks to Atlanta’s Fox 5, we now know how at least one of the four men feel:

Like everybody in the court of public opinion, I’ve been discussing this controversy. My wife in particular in one of our discussions had a hard time understanding how these young men could knowingly and willingly engage in carnal relationships with another man. But like I told her, this happens more than we can ever imagine, and with lesser known, or “important” men.

Yes, for every well-to-do Eddie Longs in this word, there are “regular” guys who manipulate kids. And I should know having been on the receiving end of sexual abuse by an older male as a child. I wasn’t an “adult” as are Long’s accusers. However, having been there, I can truly see how it can and does happen.

I could be wrong and maybe it takes having to suck another man’s dick as a child to understand. But somehow for me, after hearing Jamal Parris speak above, I completely felt where he was coming from. Eddie Long did more than fill the void of the fatherless; he violated their trust, and fucked up their minds.

Hopefully these kids are able to eventually recover, and resume to a life of some sort of normalcy. I will say from experience that you never truly get over it and it’s something you live with as long as you’re breathing.

Most important for them to understand, is that they did nothing wrong. Though hard to accept, it’s not their fault. I don’t know if you’ve ever been there, but if you have, I’m sure like me you can understand.