Republicans Say & Do The Darnedest Things: Meg Whitman, “Illegals”, & Reparations

So last night I had a nice conversation with one of my black republican buddies; and like always, he taught me a lot. Last night I learned that the national high school drop out crisis is due in large part to the presence of “illegal immigrant” kids in the public school system.

Illegal immigrant scapegoating? Now there’s a novel idea.

Now my buddy lives in California, and though I don’t agree one bit with what he said. I suppose I have to give him the benefit of the doubt even if he didn’t have any empirical evidence to support his claim. I mean after all, he lives in a state where there’s gazillionaire running for governor who sees immigration as a problem.

You see gubernatorial candidate and former eBay CEO Meg Whitman, ran a “tough on immigration” meme throughout her primary campaign. And in a recent debate with Democratic candidate Jerry Brown, she has vowed to get tougher on immigration, and crackdown on employers of illegal immigrants.

Not a bad idea when they’re the reason kids are dropping out of schools, right?

Well, there’s one small problem: Whitman employed the services of an illegal immigrant maid for 9yrs, and fired her just as her gubernatorial campaign started. Now to you this might sound like hypocrisy. But to me, this sounds like a woman with a plan. That would be, a woman who goes all out to gain the Hispanic vote!

But there’s one problem. Whitman didn’t actually treat her housekeeper fairly. Gloria Allred, the attorney for Whitman’s  ex-slave, Nicky Diaz, said that she exploited, disrespected, and humiliated her. As a matter of fact, I think missus wannabe governor still owes the woman money!

What else is new with illegal immigrant domestic workers, right?

C’mon Meg, how you gonna put up billboards in the ‘hood professing your love and support of brown people. How you gonna  treat Nicky Diaz worse than “Celie” from the Color Purple and then kick her to the curb in order to advance your political career?

Why should all those “illegal immigrants” vote for you Meg?

If being in the country illegally is criminal, surely there’s a word for the people who hire them, no? Uh-huh, you know the word… wait for it… wait for it… wait for it… wouldn’t we call them hypocr… oops, Republicans?

And speaking of rich white folks who owe money to poor folks. What the hell is wrong with Congressman Louis Gohmert (R-TX) other than being from that country north of Mexico known as Texas? Did you hear what this  champion of small government said recently?

Apparently this guy is tired of all you “welfare queens” and freeloaders; and has a plan to get you off the government teat. This man has actually proposed a plan to basically give welfare recipients 40 acres and a mule and send them packing. According to him that should be enough to get “youse people” on your feet.

Now ain’t that a bitch? Now you bastards wanna give folk some land after all these years? Now that there’s no more work because Republicans have shipped jobs overseas, you wanna give people land so that they can grow and pick cotton in an effort to sustain themselves? While arguing against tax cuts for the rich…!

Land? The f*cking gov’t is gonna give away land? I’ono y’all, but somewhere right now I’m sure Kunta Kinte and Spike Lee is pissed off. The U.S. goes overseas and steals land, but they’re gonna give away what’s here to po’ folk?

It’s bad enough that those “illegals” are forcing native-born citizens to drop out of high school. Now you wanna give away land because they’re taking away gov’t funds that’s intended for black folks in America?!

Shit, you know they take everything away from us as is.