Oh boy, another “accidental” shooting of a Black man by the police

Yeah, police shootings involving minorities are nothing new. Often they are a source of community rage, and rightfully so. What is it going to take to get this type of slaughter to stop? Well, some may say that it’s the fault of the thugs who are a menace throughout our community. In other words, it is the behavior or actions of certain minorities that predicate the use of excessive force. I’d like to know your thoughts on that. Especially since I just read the story where a Black man was shot by the police in Harlem New York several hours ago.

Yeah, apparently these undercover cops saw a Black man chasing someone down the street as he carried a gun and shot him. Yup, they fired six times hitting this “running man” at least three times causing his death. Oh yeah, that’s him in the pic above and I’m sure you can tell he’s Black. Well, here’s the messed up part of this story: the man they shot and killed was an off duty police officer who had just got off the clock [read story here]. Yeah, I suppose cops can be Black and get shot by other cops. What’s the common denominator? He was Black so hey, shoot first and ask questions later, right? Oh well, I guess “accidents” do happen, and I guess this is just another one in a long line of them.

I’m guessing that 25yr old officer Omar J. Edwards was at fault just like all those other thugs in the community, right? I mean how dare he chase a person down who he happened to encounter breaking into his car just a few blocks from the police station where he worked. Yeah, chasing people was dumb, and waving his gun was even more stupid, right? Uh huh, he was wrong, and those cops were justified in shooting at him six times in an attempt to stop him too, right? Hell, what if an innocent bystander what shot and killed as well. Would we give the cops a pass and blame the bystander? I’m tired of talking because the more I think of this “accident” the more upset I’m becoming. This was a man who I didn’t even know, but yet he was another Black man shot down in his prime; but yet some people are going to say that his crime was his skin color. Well, tell that to his recently married wife and two young children and see if they would accept that. It’s bad enough that Black folks are being tasered to death by the police, and now even their own aren’t safe because they’re Black.

What say you?