Black Folks, Black Church, Homophobes! Gather Around; Let’s Talk!!

Earlier this week on the very same day Judge Sonia Sotomayor was announced as Supreme Court justice nominee, the state of California voted and decided to uphold last falls proposition 8 decision as voted by the public. Ironically, here in Memphis on the very same day, Black preachers who almost always vote Democratic, along with a very Conservative White County Commissioner held a rally in protest at City Hall.

They were protesting a city ordinance which would create anti-discrimination protection to the LBGT community in the area of employment here in Shelby county Tennessee. If you remember, the prop 8 vote it was said to be largely determined by the Black vote. This is something conservatives pushed, and to me it still sounds like bullshit. Actually it is convenient to have Black people as the scapegoat as always. However, when I see Black preachers in my city in solidarity with republicans on the issue of anti-discrimination laws for the LGBT community I have to wonder.

What’s with the Black preachers and homosexuality?

A few weeks ago in Washington D.C. the city voted unanimously to recognize same sex marriages that have been performed in the states in the union where these civil unions are legal and recognized. The lone dissenter in a 12-1 vote on this was former D.C. Mayor, Marion Barry. He said that he felt a lot of pressure from the preachers in the city and as a result he cast his vote opposing it. Obviously he wasn’t lying because there was an angry mob of preachers at City Hall after the votes were cast. I guess when you get caught on tape smoking crack you gotta do what you gotta do to stay on God’s good side. So what does D.C. and Memphis have in common? Well, both cities are majority African American. Yes, this would lead anyone to conclude that Black people may have a problem with homosexuality.

So again I ask: what’s with the Black preachers, the Black community and homosexuality?

I would really like to hear your honest opinions and answers to these questions in your commentary. Me personally, I don’t understand it. Well, actually I do, but me being me, I don’t get the hypocrisy of it all. I mean let’s be real Black community: just like everybody has a crackhead in their family, or a cousin “Junebug”, everybody has a gay cousin. Uh huh, yeah, and don’t be looking at me all crazy; yeah I see that side-eye you’re giving me. Uh huh, tell the damn truth! Everybody had that one effeminate cousin who liked to play with dolls, play hopscotch, and do that Double-Dutch jump rope thing instead of “traditional” sports. So why act like this is something new? What, it’s cool to be “girly” as a kid just as long as you don’t grow up and still “choose” to be? Wait hold up, I’m not sure if that’s even right because recently those “girly” boys have been bullied to the point where they commit suicide.

[Insert Blank Stare]

Now I know that not all Black people go to church. Yup and there’s no way that the Black church is that powerful so as to create this “taboo” associated with homosexuality. Can somebody tell me where this is all coming from? However, I don’t know what’s up with these Black preachers. I mean, is there some “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy in the church when it comes to homosexuality? For real though! How are they gonna come out slamming same sex marriage, anti-discrimination laws and shit, when the dude who is the choir director is gay? Aww c’mon people, don’t act like I’m making this shit up! You’ve been to church, and you’ve seen it. You’re not gonna tell me that the gay choir director thing is just an act this dude pulls only on a Sunday.

Nope I’m not buying it, and I’m not gonna believe that Black preachers accept homosexuality only if you have musical talent. If I remember correctly, wasn’t it the church that was instrumental in the fight for equality such as voting rights and stuff like that? That said, what is wrong with fighting for the equal rights of another minority group of people in this country? Ok yeah, so you may say that their fight is nothing compared to being sprayed with water hoses, or getting a chunk of your ass bitten off by racist German Shepherds. Yes I get that. However, didn’t Martin Luther King Jr say an injustice anywhere should be recognized and met with positive action?

I could be wrong; he may not have said that. My bad; Martin Luther King Jr. only spoke up for Black people and nobody else. Oh well, thank God that he did, because if he didn’t have the courage to speak up for Black people only, as he did, it may still be illegal for Barack Obama’s parents to be married. Or, the new Federal Hate Crime Bill would not have provisions to help protect the LGBT community from the bigots in this country.

Imagine that…

ADDENDUM:I say these preachers have the right to protest. But until churches start paying taxes, they need to shut the fuck up! I mean really?!! What ever happened to the separation of Church & State? What ever happened to the true prophetic leaders who were about the advancement of equality for all men per the constitution? It’s a damn shame that people do not know the history of marriage, but yet say it’s something handed down as a “gift” from God. In the end, I think it’s foolish to hide behind the Bible — a book that was commisioned to be published by King James, he who himself was a known homosexual. Look it up if you don’t believe me.