Hey Barack. Your Boy Dr. Michael Eric Dyson – Remember Him? – Say’s You Ain’t Playin Right Dawg! Wassup Wit That?

Dr. Michael Eric Dyson is my dude. You hear me? He is my dude! Anybody who knows me will tell you that I have the potential to stalk that brother just so I can have an exclusive conversation with him. OK, so this is the part of the blog after saying those first few lines where I insert the “no homo” pause for comedic effect, and gratuitous laughter. Yes, that’s what I would have done some years ago, but that shit is played out. Besides, when it comes to Dr. Dyson, I don’t play. To me, this brother is as serious as a stop light in rush hour traffic.

As some of you know, he was an avid Obama supporter during the campaign while his wife, prior to the nomination supported Hillary Clinton. That said, can you imagine the debates in that household back then? But anyway, like me, even though he supports Obama, he is also critical and is not afraid like some of my cousins to hold him accountable as a politician.

Personally, I think it’s funny how Black people hold our celebrities accountable for their behavior and actions, [think R. Kelly and his juvenile porta-potty fetish] but yet are quick to give Black public figures a pass when it is necessary that they be held to account [think Judge Clarence Thomas when we sat bye and watched them destroy Anita Hill].

So, with all of that said, I’d like you to watch the following clip of him being interviewed on one of my longtime favorite hop hop political activist Davey D’s radio show out in Oakland California. Watch this clip and you tell me what you think. Do you think he’s wrong? Do you think he’s right? I don’t care whether you’re White or Black. You tell me what you think about what my man has to say about Barack Obama. You tell me, what do you get out of this discussion in the clip below?

Roll clip…