O.J. Simpson strikes again (well, kinda sorta)

That John Coffey was such a nice guy. Hell I thought he was dead? Didn’t they kill him in The Green Mile? Well somehow he made a return a few days ago. This further proves that he was truly an angel. Always, the Black man is portrayed as a menace to society. Sure there are the “O’Dog’s” of the world who do their fare share of neighborhood terrorism. We know them all too well and the media spares no moment to tell their stories. Yup, and this is why White folks were horrified that a Black man – once again – had kidnapped a White woman and her child. Since there were two Black men in this instance, I can’t help but to think that White folks thought one of them was O.J. Simpson. Lord knows having O.J. as your sidekick doesn’t help matters much. Yes, and this is why Black folks were mad; we already knew that this was the work of our boy John, and not some criminal White woman loving Black man the likes of Simpson.

How dare they make John Coffey out to be a bad guy!?! He’s no O.J. Simpson!!!

This is why the story of John Coffey’s return this week in Philadelphia of all places, was a feel good moment for us Black people, and should have been for America. Ok yeah, so he did pickup that White woman and her 9yr old daughter and put them in his trunk. Yeah, it may seem like something criminal, but Coffey was smart. He did a good thing for that woman and her child. Yes, all he wanted to do was bring magic into their lives by taking them to Disney World.
Obviously like me he wasn’t buying into the whole “post-racial” America thing so he stuffed them in the trunk. Seriously, do you think people would have looked at him kindly driving down the highway as they were? One Black man, with two White females; is heading south to Disney World? As always, it’s a damn shame the police got involved and crushed all of John Coffey’s hard work. Hell, I thought Disney World was a happy place. It’s really sad when a Black man isn’t allowed to bring joy into the lives of people of other races. They accept Mickey Mouse, but not people with whom John and I share the same skin color.

“I’s tired boss, dog tired” – John Coffey (The Green Mile)