All Black people should carry video cameras (I think it’s in the constitution)

Seriously folks, I’m convinced that this is what the hell Black people should do. I don’t know if you’ve heard of the following story, but thankfully there was a camera there to catch what transpired. The pic above was captured on tape. Yeah, that’s a State Trooper with his hands around the neck of a Black man who happens to be an EMT.

Check it out:
Ok, so here’s the scoop: the ambulance was pulled over by a trooper for allegedly failinmg to yield to the trooper at a stoplight. Supposedly the troopers were responding to an officer assistance call. At the same time the ambulance was on the way to the hospital with a patient on board being followed by the patients relatives who just so happened to have a camera. The troopers were trying to give the ambulance driver a ticket, but the EMT was trying to explain the situation and was almost arrested for doing so and hence the choke hold. Could you imagine the outcome if the camera were not there? Plunger up the ass maybe? Does that make sense?

You tell me…

You can read the entire story here