Mississipi Burning? The KKK wasn’t that bad, were they??

My favorite blog superhero of all time, as well as fellow AfroSpear member, Field Negro, lives in Philadelphia. His blog is a blog I recommend you read daily, and add to you blogroll. He is a champion for truth, justice and the Negro-American way, among other things. Yes, he is quite the provocateur, and I love it.

On his page, on his sidebar, he features a “Field Negro of the Day” as well as a “House Negro of the Day” award. Sometimes I hit his blog just to see who he has featured in these categories. These awards are often well deserved, and sometimes I get a good laugh out of them. Seriously folks, Field Negro is hilarious and committed like that to the cause. Which is really funny because he’s a damn attorney; yup, attorneys are often boring; the ones I know at least. Somehow, I’m surprised that being a resident of Philadelphia, he hasn’t written about this situation just yet, especially since he has written many blogs about his beloved city.

Check it out:

Oh snap! I forgot Field Negro lives in the good Philadelphia; you know that whole “City of Brotherly Love” place? Rocky? Dr. J, Philly Steaks, a cracked bell, and all that? Yeah, that’s the Philly he lives in. The Philly in the clip above is the south-side Philadelphia of A-merry-ca as he often references this beloved nation of ours. Ironically, south-side Philadelphia that’s featured in the video above is the same place Ronald Reagan kicked off his 1980 Presidential campaign. It is also the backdrop for the well told story of the three civil rights voter registration workers who were killed by the KKK in the movie Mississippi Burning. Yeah, given a choice, I think RiPPa would prefer to live in the Philadelphia otherwise known as Killadelphia in the state of Pistolvania. Yeah, I think I would take my chances getting shot by another person of color rather than having the KKK show up at my doorstep if my wife and I were ever to have a dispute. Something tells me that me being Black that would not be a good thing; yeah, no happy ending if that were to happen. Yup, just like there were no happy endings for the brothers when Reagan took office. After all, he was against the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

But then again, who knew the KKK had its good points! My man in the video made the KKK sound like the fuckin Lions Club or something. That old man made it seem like they gave out scholarships, loans, rides to work for people of all races and shit like that. Hell, Nino Brown passed out turkeys for Thanksgiving in New Jack City but he was still a damn drug dealer! Sorry “Mr. Former KKK Approved Mayor”, I’m not buying it. The KKK was never a positive social activism club. But then again, I guess that would depend on how you look at it. Maybe we need to KKK to roll up on these dead beat dads we hear so much about with 70% of Black kids being raised in single parent homes. I mean if that was what they were about as that asshole said in the video above it couldn’t hurt right? Shit, they should bring back lynchings as that one mayoral Black candidate in Jackson Mississippi suggested some months ago; it’s a damn shame he lost his bid.

So what there were a few hangings and cross burnings; big deal. Just like my man Tom Joyner of the Tom Joyner Morning Show where he raises money for HBCUs, the KKK also had parties with a purpose. I don’t know if Field Negro takes nomination for his sidebar awards, but I’d like to nominate everyone in that video. Yes, from the first Black mayor in Philadelphia Mississippi, Anderson Cooper for not losing his cool, and the former racist Mayor, to even the Klu Klux Klan. I’ll leave it up to him if he’s reading as to who gets what award. Hopefully the first Black Mayor of Philadelphia Mississippi, James A. Young, gets to be the Field Negro of the day or maybe a month. Being Black and becoming mayor in that town of all towns, in that state, speaks volumes. Though historic and symbolic an appointment as was the Obama presidential victory, we must never forget that there is still a lot of work to do ahead of us. Surely James Cheney, Andrew Goodman, and Michael Schwerner would be proud that they did not die in vain.

God Bless A-merry-ca