Negroes, Terrorists, Empty Prisons & Constructive Feedback

So I caught some shit on CNN after I got out of bed this morning. They were talking about all the hoopla with Al Queda coming from Gitmo, and being in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade in New York or some shit like that.

I mentioned this in a recent post and even submitted a proposal as to how this situation should be handled, and I’m still sticking to it. But from what I saw on CNN, this whole thing needs yet another proposed solution, for yet another concern – national security.

Check this out:

These fuckers have an empty prison that has been sitting practically empty for 8yrs. Do you hear me? Eight friggin years! And now they’re pitching the idea to get them there terrorists so as to create jobs? Lemme guess, all the colored folks in Illinois, particularly 110 mls away in Chicago have been on good behavior for the last 8yrs? I mean that’s the only explanation for this prison being empty as long as it has, right?

And then there was this:

These people as you can see, just like the good and broke folks in Thompson Illinois are also trying to get the gov’t to bring those Al Queda limo drivers terrorists to their prison. When I first watched this, it was then I realized, that the real problem for them, is that there are only 8 people of color in the state of Montana. Yep, not enough Negroes or Messikans to arrest to fill a prison. Think about it: this isn’t exactly a problem in the south or the north east, now is it?

So how do we fix this?

These two towns, villages or whatever they are need to run tourism commercials in Black media. No joke, because I don’t even think that Black people are aware that these towns exist. No seriously, they should run commercials on BET n’ shit – in between those white girl sexy phone chat commercials – just like those Jamaican tourism commercials. Yeah, and they must be authentic, and done by a narrator with a fake-ass ghetto accent as well.

Let’s face it, this is the only way we’ll get Black people out of the hood and into other parts of the country where they can still be a part of the Prison Industrial Complex. Sure I know it sounds ridiculously a lot like modern day slave plantation type stuff, but actually, it’s a win win situation. Those rural folks would be able to benefit from job creation as well as the new minority residents who without any other options are forced to sling crack in the hood while they wait for the Green Jobs that will never appear.

Just sayin’: you know how those Negroes do in the hood?

Ain’t that right Constructive Feedback?