A Time to Kill: Enraged father shoots and kills his 15yr old son in the back of the head execution style

I don’t know what the fuck is really going on anymore. We have a 5yr old girl found dead in North Carolina who was sold into prostitution by her mother, and her no count fuckin’ boyfriend, and now this shit:

Police said a father fatally shot his 15-year-old son in the back of the head Monday in Highland Park after they got into an argument.

Jamarr Pinkney, Jr. was shot in a field in the area of Rosa Parks Boulevard and North Street around 2:15 p.m., said police. He was transported to an area hospital where he later died.

Police have confirmed that the shooting was a result of an argument between the father and son.

Witnesses at the scene told Local 4 that they saw Jamarr Pinkney, Sr. order the naked teen out of the home and to an empty field.

A woman, who did not want her identity revealed, told Local 4 what she saw.

“He brought him out the house, he walked him over there and said, ‘Get on the ground’ and he’s like, ‘No daddy, no daddy’ and next thing you know, he grabbed his head and he shot him,” said the witness.

The witness said the father calmly got into his vehicle and drove away.

“He was calm and drove off like a regular person, like he didn’t do anything, and I am like, ‘wow,'” said the witness.

Police were looking for the father after he fled the area, but he was caught a few hours later.

“Whatever my grandson did there, there is nothing in this world that was worth taking his life. He got him down on his knees and killed him,” said the boy’s grandfather, who did not want his face on camera.

The teenager’s aunt Yolanda Cherry told Local 4 the fight happened inside her home.

“He beat my nephew real bad in the head wher he had knots like he had been in a boxing ring,” said Cherry.

When Cherry tried to intervene, she said the father pulled out a gun.

“I ran down the street to get police down here and I heard a gun shot,” said Cherry.

Jamarr was a sophomore at Martin Luther King High School. Family members said he was active in sports.
 When I read this story, like you, I was completely at a loss for words. What argument does a father have with his son that motivates him to shoot him in the back of the head executioner style? I mean seriously, what the fuck did this kid do to warrant this action? Well, according to the word on the street in Detroit, via the commentary on the news website. It was said that the father walked in on his 15yr old having sex with his 3yr old sibling.

Now I don’t know how true that might be, but like I said, it’s the word on the streets. I’ve heard people say that they would do to someone who rapes or harms one of their own. But after reading about this one, I’d hate to believe that a person would have the heart to knowingly do something like this while in the right frame of mind. I know for the most part people talk shit, but is there ever a time to kill? I don’t know what’s worse, the actions of this man, or the people who on the news site who feel he’s justified in doing what he did.

What say you?

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