“Negro Dialect” vs. “Honest Injun”: The Hypocrisy of Michael Steele the Black Cowboy soon to be Rodeo Clown

I have yet to weigh in fully on the current whirlwind surrounding the now infamous “Negro Dialect” comment made by Senate majority leader Harry Reid. But please believe that I have a lot to say, and what I have to say will most certainly offend and insult a few of you. Why? Because it’s what I do mayne! Mayne? Uh-huh, liked the way I threw my “Negro Dialect” into the mix? No seriously, stay tuned to this blog as I know you will to hear just what I have to say. Until then, lemme “set it off in this muthaf*cka,” as a prelude of what’s to come – dammit if  that “Negro Dialect” thing is so inescapable for me that I’ve already used it twice in one paragraph.

So that was Michael Steele the darling of the RNC sharing his thoughts on the current controversy. Just once I wish he would put politics aside and speak from his Negro heart on issues of race and how it’s played out in his party. But no, being the “Good Negro” that he is he chose to politicize the issue for expediency. Which is to be expected considering that the GOP has asked Harry Reid to step down from his position for his choice of words in referring to Barack Obama’s skin tone and command of the Queens English.

Strom Thurmond and Trent Lott aside, according to Steele, it was racially insensitive and Democrats should be held to the same standard as Republicans on issues of race, or political correctness. But since when has Steele as a black man been known as the defender of the emotional sensibilities of the Negro collective in America? Forget that question, and answer this:

How in the hell can this Negro sit there and condemn Harry Reid for being racially insensitive and offensive to Black folks in America with his statement, but yet only a week prior utter the “Honest Injun,” remark? Lemme guess, the sensitivities Native Americans are not of importance or should be considered?

Newt Gingrich recently said that Republicans are nervous around Michael Steele because he’s black; and he may be right about that. I could be wrong, but it appears that Steele’s black ass has come under so much fire lately that this is just a way for him to try and crawl back into their good graces. Yep, being a “Good Negro” and playing your position always helps no matter how hypocritical you are in doing so, right?

The fact that he is a black man in America, over all, should be enough for him to understand the weigh a racial slur carries, and to me, his “Honest Injun” remark was more offensive than what Harry Reid said. But don’t tell that to the man who is now on a media blitz trying to sell a book titled “Right Now: A 12-Step Program for Defeating the Obama Agenda.” Hopefully there isn’t a section in the book where he proclaims that “he’s blacker than Obama,” as Rod Blagojevich said recently in an interview with Esquire Magazine.

Word on the street is that Steele intends to appear as a rodeo clown for charity at events across the nation as an act of contrition. No word yet as to whether proceeds will ever make it to any Native American reservations. At the end of the day, I wish Republicans spent the same energy criticizing and condemning Democrats of racism as they should for members of their own party. But I guess that’s hard to do when Rush Limbaugh runs the party, no?