Paul Mooney: “Black Is The New White”

Since America has been deemed post-racial, there has been a renewed interest in Black America; yes, a renaissance of sorts. Everybody wants to now know what we eat – which apparently has caught on in Australia by the way – how we dress, how we talk, how we do our hair…you get the picture, right? It seems like every week something is or becomes the new black which gives credence to what my man Paul Mooney said some time ago…

“Everybody wanna be a nigger, but don’t nobody wanna be a nigger.”

Yep, this racism shit is hilarious!

That line has stuck with me for a few years now as I am a longtime fan of the man and his work. Let’s be honest, Mooney is a comedic genius who is often not heralded as such, but his work is timeless. Shit, I know some of you Neo-Negroes still laugh at those Richard Pryor jokes you had to sneak and listen to when you were kids. Well, Paul Mooney had a lot to do with those Richard Pryor jokes and he has released a memoir of his life as an ode to Richard Pryor titled “Black Is The New White“.

Since everything is the “New Black” these days, just the title alone made me laugh. As Michael E. Ross puts it, the book is also a reflection of the struggle for acceptance and self-determination in our private American lives. Off top the title struck me as one of careful calculation and purpose. If you know Mooney and his work, the title alone creates an insatiable desire for the blend of irreverent humor as a crackhead would before taking his first hit. Yes, Mooney is just that damn powerful as a comedian, and I plan to pickup this book before the week is out as I can imagine just what it has to offer. What can I say, I have a thing for people who are controversially outspoken with the ability to make people laugh as they think.

Speaking of which, I caught the following clip of an interview he did with well known hip hop journalist and activist, my man Davey D (on twitter @mrdaveyd) as he spoke about the book, race, celebrities and life in America for people of color. It’s a three part interview, but this one I thought spoke volumes as he praises Kanye West as his new hero, and goes in hard on Beyonce, Taylor Swift, and Oprah Winfrey. Do yourself a favor and checkout Davy D’s channel on YouTube for the entire interview and more, will you?

Check it out: