The Mis-Education of the Neo-Negro: Yaphet Kotto, Gucci Mane & Harry Reid

I need to work on perfecting my “Negro Dialect” – can’t have Rod Blagojevich outshine me. Besides, it’s not like I have aspirations of becoming POTUS anytime soon, nor do I have plans of bleaching my skin. Damn you RiPPa, you won’t let this Negro sh*t die won’t you?! Nope because the word Negro isn’t racist, and unlike my Neo-Negro buddies (yeah, that’s my new soon to be copyrighted word ), I refuse to allow the white media, liberal or otherwise, trick me into believing that they actually care to protect or promote political correctness and a meaningful discourse on race.

Sorry, I’m not gonna fall for the banana in the tailpipe or the tricknology my friend. Besides, you wanna know how I know the word Negro isn’t racist? I never get the spell check squiggly lines as I do when I type Barack Obama. However, I wanna talk about what Senator Harry Reid said; in particular, let’s talk about what has everybody’s draws up their asses. Yep, let’s talk about light-skinned blacks having a more favorable advantage for success in any endeavor especially if they do not posses that “no Negro dialect” as is the perception.

See the guy in the picture above? That’s Yaphet Kotto; he’s an actor. Haven’t seen him in years, but you might remember him from back in the day if you’re my age or older. Like Barack Obama, he’s American, but his father was the Crown Prince of Cameroon, which makes him a Prince. Yes, just like Obama he is of direct African descent. As cultured as he is, having studied theater and all, but as dark as he is, do you think he would have a chance running for president? Well, he might given the fact of him being cultured and an actor; never mind him holding a gun and looking like a criminal, he played Othello for crying out loud. But what if he sounded like the rapper Gucci Mane, and his big lips proved to be a a speech impediment like that of “Dumb Donald” from the cartoon Fat Albert?

What if as a politician he spoke like this:

No seriously, do you think Yaphet Kotto, or Barack Obama for that matter would have had a chance of becoming president if he spoke that way? I hear all of you Neo-Negroes b*tching and complaining about what Harry Reid said. But you know good and damned well that he spoke nothing but the truth. And that’s what bugs me about this whole thing; the fact that he is being ridiculed by folks who look like me; people who are fully cognizant of the dynamics he addressed. Dynamics which research has shown to be true by the way.

Sh*t, maybe you Negroes forgot, but at one point in the campaign “we” were questioning whether Obama was “black enough” to even win, but yet now youse people are offended by what Reid said? Forget the silly speculation – even though its a valid questions – of how liberals would react if a conservative politician had uttered those words. The real question here for all intents and purposes of this post is:

Would Negroes be in an uproar if Harry Reid was black? 

How about that for a teachable moment? See, I’m not concerned about all the white folks on my TV are saying about this sh*t because they’re doing just what the writers of the book Game Change intended. The issue of race has always been one of the most polarizing subjects in the country. And it is no accident or coincidence that the very first leak from the book happens to be about Reid’s comment. But yet we have Al Sharpton, Michael Eric Dyson, and any other black person they could drag in and stick a mic in their faces. being opportunists in condemning what Reid said on every political show. But yet neither one of them are speaking to and about Bill Clinton’s obvious racist comment about Obama to Senator Ted Kennedy:
In lobbying the late Sen. Edward Kennedy to endorse his wife, former President Clinton angered the liberal icon by belittling Obama. Telling a friend about the conversation, Kennedy recalled Clinton had said “a few years ago, this guy would have been getting us coffee,” the authors paraphrase. A spokesman for the former president declined to comment on the claim.
Nope, can’t say anything bad about America’s first black president Bill Clinton – a true Negro cultural icon. Far be it for any black person to challenge Clinton’s statement because he did give alotta Negroes jobs, right?

See how f*cked up we are as human beings? And you know why? Because we’ve been conditioned to think and act the way we do irrespective of our race. It didn’t happen overnight, and it damn sure isn’t gonna change any time soon. However, it’s important to remember that the smartest slave was neither the House Negro or the Field Negro, but instead, it was the one who ran away. Yep, how’s that for a Game Change.

Free your minds people