The NAACP Image Award nominations says a lot about us in 2010, no?

Remember when some of you were bitching about the movie ‘Precious’ and the negative perception or dare I say stereotype it promotes of black people? Yeah, remember that? We had a long talk about that a while back on this very blog [read it here]. Uh-huh, a lot of you were concerned about our images, right? Well, how come none of you Negroes got angry because Mo’Nique’s hairy ass legs won an award at the Golden Globe Awards the other day? You know from here on out big bonededed (I hate when I hear people say that) sistas are gonna all be considered part gorilla, right? Which is cool with me because I love hairy women, remember?

And speaking of awards, the movie ‘Precious’, and images. What the hell is up with the NAACP nominating The Real Housewives of Atlanta for a god-damned Image Award? Yes, and why aren’t you Negroes upset about that shit as I am. No f’real, I’m pissed about that shit. Giving that show an “Image Award” is damn near, well almost like…aww fuck it, it’s just like somebody calling Fantasia a Rhoads Scholar when the chick can’t read! Yeah, and that chick has a reality show too. Cecil Rhoades would slit his wrists if that shit ever happened, and hell he’s already dead. Not shittin’ on Fantasia, but you can understand what I mean, right?

I’m sorry, but the stuff just ain’t right y’all. How in the hell do you give The Real Housewives of Atlanta an award for the promotion of, well, a positive image of people of color; namely women. Is that the standard black women are gonna be judged by nowadays? Next thing you know we’re gonna start calling video hoes models or some shit like that. The thing that has me really pissed about it, is that nobody else got upset. Usually when black people get ticked off about something it spreads like wildfire. Not only in the blogosphere, but n*ggas be texting each other about this type of foolishness, but I ain’t hear a peep from anyone. Collectively we bashed the shit out of Flava Flav on VH1, but not a word on this one?

Tha f*ck?!

Oh well, I guess the fact that Michael Jackson’s funeral was also nominated for an NAACP image award balances it out and makes it OK. Yeah, throw one of our heroes into the mix and it’s allgood, right? I’m sorry, but when I think of an Image Award coming from the NAACP, I automatically envision famous pictures of Rosa Parks sitting on a bus, or taking a mug shot, and also the picture of kids in Birmingham being sprayed with waterhoses. That’s what I think of when I hear about an Image Award. Yep, I definitely don’t think of five bitches without jobs wearing expensive clothes and cursing every six words on my television with titties popping out everywhere. But obviously I don’t know what I’m talking about and Rosa Parks sat on a bus so b*tches could wear stripper shoes on the Bravo network and drink champagne n’ shit.

Oh you mad because I called them b*tches? Negro please! Thank the NAACP for that. They made the word b*tch acceptable by nominating this show for an award. So don’t get mad at me, get mad at you know who. Besides, y’all ain’t gonna do anything about it anyway; many of you couldn’t wait to watch the show every Thursday night. Instead, most of you can’t wait for the new season of that foolishness to begin one mo’ gain. Yep, only difference this time, is that you can have your daughters watch it with you because the show is approved by the same people who buried the word Nigger in Detroit a few years ago.

I’m glad I’m not the only who thinks like this: