Wat’chu gonna do, when Obamamania runs away from youuuuu…Brother!

Did ya catch what went down in Massachusetts with the special election for Ted Kennedy’s seat yesterday? Did you see that? Did you know that a Republican won a seat in a democratic stronghold? A seat that has held up the butt-cheeks of a Democrat for the last 35yrs? So how did that happen? I really would like to hear your thoughts on that. Was it a poorly ran campaign by Coakley? Bad strategy by the DNC? Health-care? Not enough attention paid to the people on Main Street?

No matter what you think, it’s important to note that this was indeed a wake up call for the Democratic party who a few years ago were given a mandate “by the people,” to get a handle on this thing and get it working. That was in 2006, and four years later look at where we’re at now. New Jersey, Virginia, and now a Massachusetts senate seat lost? I’m not gonna throw out my opinion as to what needs to be done specifically; I think if you’ve been reading this blog long enough you’ll already know where I stand. Even with the people giving another mandate which produced the first black president, it seems that they were not listening in-spite of poll after poll yelling loud and clear.

So where are we at now? No more filibuster proof position in the senate, I think? The passing of a Health Care Reform and the Obama agenda in jeopardy? Talk about a wake-up call for all elected Democrats – president Obama included. I’m of the opinion that the White House needs to pay more attention to its base, but hey that’s just me. But since my critique of the president has bothered some of my readers, Twitter followers, and listeners to our radio show who hopefully by now are awaken to the reality of what I’ve been saying by what has happened in Massachusetts last night. Allow me to offer some words of advice to the good prez.

It’s time to get gully, bro; America loves the tough guy.

All that nice guy, bipartisan, kumbaya crap has gotten you nowhere. Nowhere but an ugly slide down the favor-ability polls. Don’t worry, the Negroes still love you; you don’t have to worry about them; their blind support will always be there. But you do have to worry about your white voters or supporters. You know, the ones you’ve cared enough about so as to not seem, how do I put it, too black and too strong? Yeah, those people. You need to win them over again my man, and I’m sorry, that hope and change message thing is just about dead.

Instead, Obama should give Vince McMahon a call and maybe host a few episodes of Monday Night Raw on WWE. Forget Rahm Emmanuel, maybe have Eric Bischoff as White House Chief of Staff. Yeah, the WWE  has been running with celebrity guest hosts lately. Uh-huh, Hulk Hogan is back and on another network now so that’s how they’re fighting back; and fighting back you must. Trust me, fighting back will be good for his ratings; and I’m not talking about some stupid spat with Fox News like before either. I say that because until America sees that Obama has the ability to put Republicans in a suplex, a pile-driver, or even a choke-slam he’ll be a lame duck very early into his first term. Oh yeah, special shout-out to the uninformed who are of the opinion that criticizing the president is unproductive, or as their simple minds put it, I’m hatin’.

Yeah Barack, no more of you impersonating Dewayne “The Rock” Johnson while playing a fairy in kiddie movies pal; it’s not good for your corporate branding. Your ratings are the lowest of any president in U.S. history after his first year, and it’s time to deliver. The one good thing is that there isn’t a viable Republican candidate to challenge the presidency. But we must not forget that doesn’t mean anything. After all, Americans are blissfully ignorant and they will vote for change, and I can see that as the next Republican campaign slogan. If it worked with Bush who’s to say it wouldn’t against Barack, right?