More Proof that Police Hate Black Men

Yeah, now you tell me: would it have taken that long to bust a Negro in the head with a nightstick and 10,000 volts of electricity from those industrial strength police tasers? I don’t know what event this was – NASCAR maybe? – but I don’t see too many of my cousins around. But err, I don’t think those cops would have been so kind if the guy in the clip was of a much darker complexion with a bigger penis. I mean seriously, did you see how Billy McMidgetpenis was standing there buttassnekkid with his hand on the cops shoulder like they were just shooting the shit? Just jokes folks – I didn’t actually look at his penis. I’m sayin, I’ve seen two naked dudes on the show Cops both obviously gone out of their minds on drugs, and the po-po pretty much called in the SWAT team and the National Guard on their asses.

Black People Disclaimer: Don’t try this at home; police officers are trained professionals. It may be a good idea to get drunk and naked in the privacy of your own home, and be sure to not have the music playing too loudly. Being a Black person and naked in public is a sure fire way of becoming a statistic, and there is a strong chance of getting a plunger shoved up your anal cavity or worse, 50 bullets with your name on it.