Alan Keyes Gets Arrested – Does that mean he’s officially Black now?

In lieu of the backlash from the “I hope his kidneys fail,” joke by Wanda Sykes, would I be wrong to say that Alan Keyes should have been aborted? Ok, yeah, that might be a little over the top, but it’s just what I felt like saying after watching the video of him getting arrested at Notre Dame. Him and a few people decided to use it as a platform to protest abortion by pushing baby dolls in strollers covered in what would look like blood. President Obama is scheduled to speak there, so they felt the need to protest. You know with Notre Dame being a Catholic University and all. Uh huh, and apparently the Pope endorses the pullout method as opposed to any contraceptives. Speaking of which, do Catholics do anything other than Missionary style when they have sex?

I’m sorry, but that wasn’t a protest. That looked more like The Way of the Cross processional on Good Friday – yeah, I went to Catholic schools. Did you see how tame, or dare I say lame that “protest” was? Hell, Black people make more noise than that at a funeral. I guess protests just aren’t the same anymore. I mean what ever happened to the good ole days with the water-hoses, and those racist German Shepherds?
But hey, maybe there was no need for force because, well, it’s Alan Keyes. Even the cops in South Bend know about his ass and see him as one of the “safe” Negroes. All jokes aside, they have the right to protest; it’s democracy 101 actually. My thing is, was Alan Keyes protesting abortion or was he protesting Barack Obama. I mean, it’s not like Keyes is known to stalk abortion clinics or anything. Saying dumb shit about Obama? Yeah, he’s well known for that among other things.

I just wished the “protest” could have been more dramatic. It would have been cool if somebody got hit in the head with a brick. You know, something like they did at the G8 Conference in Brittan? Now those are some White folks who know how to throw a good protest. Yup, gettin your head bashed in, and lip bloodied by the police is how you get attention. That’s how you make a stand by God. I mean, if Barack Obama is such the baby killer he’s made out to be, you’d think they would have gotten a lil bit crunk. But then again, how crunk can you really get when the most famous guy you have with you probably doesn’t even know the meaning of the word? In the end, I’m a little upset that this made the news. Congressman John Lewis was arrested about a week ago protesting what’s going on in Darfur, but yet we never heard a peep of it on the news.