Don’t Bring Anybody Home If They Can’t Use Your Comb

“I’ve never been treated more disrespectfully as a woman than by the Black men that I’ve dated..I think Black men have just been shit on for so long, that, in a way, Black women are maybe more willing to accept rage from a Black man, because they see what’s happened to them…I identified with Black men because I thought in a way we experience the same things–people treat you like shit ’cause you’re Black, people treat you like shit ’cause you’re a woman.” – Madonna

Yup, the above quote came from Madonna in a 1995 interview with Spin magazine. Of course it’s her opinion based on her experiences with Black men so I can’t knock her and say that she’s wrong. I do question her line of thinking that suggests that Black women may be more willing to accept rage from Black men. To me it suggests that White women just ain’t havin’ it! Something that from my personal observations is so incorrect. As a matter of opinion based on my observations, I’ve seen White women put up with more bullshit from brothers than a Black woman would. But hey, that’s another blog in itself, but feel free to speak on it in your comments if you feel like it; it should make for an interesting exchange.

I don’t know what you think, but maybe this is why Madonna feels the need to KIDNAP adopt these kids from Africa. Like she says, she identifies with Black men. If that’s the case, why go all the way to Africa, and not adopt a Black kid here in America? I don’t know, but maybe that’s how you get into heaven being a White woman after being labeled a whore, and having the balls to make a video with a Black Jesus. Or maybe it’s some sort of penance for having to have had sex with Dennis Rodman? Yeah, you have to make up for all of that by adopting Black babies from Africa. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against her adopting African babies like some people are. However, when the parents of the kids in question are against it and they have to fight to keep their kids in Africa that says a lot; especially when there are lord knows how many African American kids in need of adoption.

I can’t help but to think that for her and other celebrities it’s almost like buying a African lion, and importing it into the country. Lets be honest, not everyone can or has an African lion in tow when they walk down the street, right? Yup, nothing like getting attention for adopting a CHARITY CASE Black baby. Of course they do care about the needs of these kids, and yes indeed what they do is very noble. However, a part of me just sees this as some Hollywood trendy bullshit. I mean if they cared so much, why not build schools like Oprah did, or partner with other celebrities in more efforts such as that. Now don’t get me wrong, not saying that they don’t. I’m sayin’ I just saw Madonna in a recent pic grabbing Kanye West’s girlfriend’s booty while in a nightclub. I’m sorry, but if you’re the Mother Teresa to African kids you just don’t go around grabbing random booty up in the club. Hell, you don’t see Bono from U2 grabbing random asses do you? How you gon’ adopt kids when you doin’ shit like that Madonna?

I read recently that she is trying to adopt an African girl this time around and the father of the kid isn’t having it. Some of you might think he’s wrong because Madonna’s rich and she could provide for the kid better than the African father of the child. Yeah, this might be true, but it’s his kid, and as long as he feels he can better take care of her, then so be it. I don’t blame the guy though. If I was in Africa, I wouldn’t want Madonna adopting my kid either. Hell, have you seen the hair on the kid in the picture above? You think I would be happy seeing my African child in a newspaper wearing new clothes, looking healthy, but with a fucked up hairdo? Shit, even brothers and sisters in Africa take that hair shit seriously. Naw for real though, when was the last time you saw a kid or an adult in Africa with fucked up hair like the kid in the picture above?


Now don’t act like you’ve never heard the rule dished out by old school Black parents. You know the rule where they say don’t bring anybody home with you that can’t comb their hair with the comb you use? Yeah, that rule; yes, I know if you’re Black you’ve heard it especially. Uh huh, that’s right White readers, this is the kind of stuff we were told growing up back in the day. I figured I might as well be open and honest with you guys. I mean, might as well, since we do live in this post-racial society and all; boy would I love to hear the stuff White parents told their kids back in the day. I imagine they too had special “instructions” given to them by their parents.

Look, before you send me hate mail lemme say that I am not against interracial adoption; nope, not at all. To be honest, I encourage it, and I’m not going to suggest that White folks cannot successfully raise Black kids or vice versa. At the end of the day, the only differences we have other than culturally are our differences in skin color. However, if you’re gonna adopt a kid a different race or culture than yourself. At least be able to comb the gotdamn kids hair and not have them looking like a golliwog or dare I say a Buckwheat reincarnate like the lil dude in the picture above with Angelina Jolie. I mean seriously, why do you think those kids in the pic with Madonna above as she holds that baby looks as scared as they do?

QUESTION(S):What are your thoughts on celebrities adopting African babies as opposed to African American babies or children. How do you feel about interracial adoptions? Do you think if at all the child loses culturally?