Love’s Gonna Get’cha – Too Bad There’s No Two Minute Warning in Life

When I heard that Steve McNair was found shot dead I was stunned. My first thought was of Sean Taylor; the Washington Redskins player who was killed in a home invasion not too long ago. Then I heard that McNair was found dead with more holes than Swiss cheese with the body of a woman next to him. Immediately I questioned whether it was his wife. If I’m not mistaken and I remember correctly, it wasn’t too long ago that he had a domestic violence issue at his home with his wife.

With that in mind I didn’t want this to be the story in the end of his life and illustrious NFL career. But then it was released that the then unidentified woman was 20yrs old. So then I’m thinking: what the hell is a married 36yr old man doing shot up and laying dead next to a dead 20yr old? Quite naturally I ruled it as one of those murder-suicide deals.

I don’t know McNair’s personal life; whether he and his wife were separated or not. But I do know from the news reports it’s been said that the condo where he was found dead was one that was rented by him and one of his male friends — it was also reported that the 20yr old, Sahel Kazemi, the “friend” stayed at the condo. So from the looks of things my man Steve was indeed banging a 20yr old chick. I don’t know, maybe its anal glaucoma, but I can’t see my ass f*ckin with a 20yr old while I’m married. Hell, I can’t see my ass screwing around with a 20yr old period when I’m 38yrs old; Steve was 36.

It was also reported that a few nights before the discovery of their bodies that they were pulled over in a vehicle that is registered to both McNair and the 20yr old friend. I’m not trying to get all up in the brothas business, but, umm, where was his wife? Other than the fact that I love my wife, this is one of the reasons I will never cheat on her. I’m just saying, not that I’ve thought of cheating on her before. It’s just that I’m fearful if I ever did something embarrassing is going to happen which would expose my infidelity.

The last thing I need in my life would be Joey Greco and a Cheaters camera crew showing up in my face. Unfortunately for Steve the camera crew showed up after he was killed and his business is now in the streets. He was a good guy by all accounts, and he was well known in the Nashville area for his charity work. It’s sad that the circumstances of his death will overshadow his hard work on and off the field.

But hey, domestic violence is a serious issue, and this shows that women too can be aggressors with grave consequences. Just ask Gary Coleman’s wife; from what I read she got arrested last night for beating his little ass. As I mentioned in an earlier post about domestic violence: a man hitting a woman is just as bad as a woman hitting a man. But dammit, a woman beating up a midget is just dead ass wrong, ain’t it?

All in all the news about Steve McNair’s death hits hard with football fans across the country and especially Tennessee Titan fans here in the state. Fans who will always remember Steve leading one of the most memorable drives in the Superbowl. A drive where him and his team came up one yard short of winning. From the looks of it now, he may have come up one yard short again and paid dearly with his life. Sadly, in life, there’s no two minute warning or drill.