Nah man that wasn’t you Marion Barry. Nope, you wouldn’t stalk anything but a crack pipe.

Stalking? Really? Chasing a woman in a car? Seriously Marion Barry? Did this b*tch set you up too? Yeah, I remember when you and your burnt lips were fresh off the pipe and you uttered those words; yeah I remember that, and so does the whole world. I also remember constituents forgiving you and re-electing you Mayor years later.

Hell I remember you gettin caught again with weed and cocaine residue in your car when you got pulled over in 2002. Yeah, I remember nothing came out of it because well, you know how those cops and random crack-whores in hotels love setting up Black men. Yeah, I think they started messin with you when you stopped wearing that Dashiki and Kente cloth you always wore. The moment you switched they were onto you. Yeah bruh, that COINTELPRO is a mugg ain’t it? Yeah, they’re out to bring down all the Black Democratic politicians. You see what they been doing in Detroit; they got Kwame and nowMonica Conyers.

I also remember you not paying your taxes Negro! Yeah, hence you being on f*ckin probation till 2011. What the hell is wrong with you man? How you ‘sposed to be an upstanding citizen in gov’t and all and staying in the court like you do. I mean c’mon bruh, I’m gettin tired of you and this bullshit behavior.

Are you that starved for public or media attention? And it’s always some weak ass petty crime too. Why don’t you do like the White politicians and have an affair or steal money. Seriously, why do all of your crimes somehow seem Negro-like? I mean it’s like they have it out for you so much that you’re probably the suspect in every crime in Washington DC. Seriously, you’re like that dude.

The jacked up thing about this latest stunt is that recently you were standing at a podium talking about how spiritual you were, and how much you loved the Lord and the reason why you couldn’t support the district recognizing gay marriage. Yeah, I remember that very well; you even had a bunch of preachers backing you up. Lemme guess: you weren’t really stalking that woman the other night; you were trying to catch up to her to witness to her, right?

And you did this on the 4th of July of all days?!! The day where Americans celebrate freedom, independence and all that good stuff and your old ass end up in handcuffs? You’re 73yrs old now Marion, ain’t you too old for this shit? Chasing women thru the streets? Oh well, knowing you this isn’t your fault and you did no wrong. Knowing you you were not stalking this woman; yep, she set you up just like everybody else has done.

Yeah, I’m gonna roll with you on that one. I’m gonna even go as far as to say that to accuse you of any wrong doing would be an egregious attack upon the morally upstanding man that you are. I just wish they would leave you alone Marion. I wish they would just leave you alone to serve your constituents as they would like you to. Yeah, this stuff is getting old Marion, and I’m with you. Chasing or stalking women just doesn’t sound like the type of thing you’d do or would be into.

Yeah I’m with you dawg…

the b*tch set you up.