BREAKING NEWS: Sarah Palin’s Career Found Dead

According to news reports Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s political career has died this afternoon. She is well known for being the bungling comedic sidekick of John McCain in last years presidential campaign. She’s also known to wake up and yell good morning to Russians from her doorstep; a feat yet accomplished by mere mortals.

I’m not sure if this has been confirmed by TMZ just yet, but sources say that just prior to the discovery of her lifeless political body she was administered a shot of common sense by her personal doctor; a rather lethal drug when applied to the likes of Governor Palin and members of the GOP.

Her political death comes as a shock to the many loyal, yet deluded fans in the Republican party otherwise known as “the base”. There are rumors of a yet released scandal or sex tape with SOuth Carolina Governor Mark Sanford; but as mentioned these are just rumors; it is widely known that Republicans do not have sex.

Her death has left “Right to Political Life” activists stunned. Famed NBC Saturday Night Live’s Tina Fay could not be reached for comment. However, fans of Palin can be assured that her memorable quotes and Nieman Marcus shopping bill will most certainly live on forever.

Stay tuned to this blog for more Palin madness as it unfolds.