Latino Voter Suppression: Another look at the intent of Arizona’s SB1070

I’m not going to take up much of your time with this one, and I won’t repeat myself by saying that the law is indeed racist in nature, intent, and design. But a closer look at the law, raises serious questions as it relates to voter suppression. Now here on this very blog, I’ve already shown how the author of SB1070, Kris Kovach, once bragged to his Kansas Republican cronies by email, about purging the votes of minorities back in 2008.

Now, add to that, the report by the Brennan Center for Justice in 2008, which highlighted just how shrouded in secrecy and manipulation these practices are [read here]. With that in mind, journalist Greg Palast, makes a compelling case via, that SB1070, has more to do with legal voters and their subsequent suppression, than the “problem” of “illegal” immigrants.

Check it out:

Now of course I expect the average republican party hardliner who reads this, to just chalk this up as yet another one of those “liberal media” mumbo-jumbo conspiracy pieces. Yes, that is just how life is out there in bizarro world; liberals lie, and conservatives are handed the truth from God everyday on 5000lb tablets and iPads. But hey, if Bush was able to steal the elections in 2000 down in Florida by purging minority votes. Who’s to say that what they’re cooking up out in Arizona, wouldn’t work, like it did before in Florida?