Rand Paul on The Rachel Maddow Show, basically says, “Fuck your Civil Rights!”

So I watched the following interview on Rachel Maddow’s show and, I’m not surprised. See, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Ron Paul is racist, and so is his son Rand. And what’s sad is that people like him hide behind the First Amendment to shield their bigotry, and, he made this quite clear a recent interview on NPR .

That’s why I always laughed at the silly Negroes who called themselves Libertarians who are supportive of Rand and his daddy. Silly Negroes, the freedom they speak of doesn’t apply to the melanin afflicted which is why there was a need for the Civil Rights Act. If Black people were truly free, would we have had to enter the restaurants through a back door?

But I digress…

That said, what else do you expect from some wing-nut supposedly coming from, and representing a far right fringe? I gotta give it  to these Republicans, they’re not accepting our post-racialness; and, they are not going down without a fight. Listen to this turd deflect (as most Republicans do in a debate) from the central questions as it relates to his thoughts on the 1964 Civil Rights Act:

How the fuck you’re gonna say that you would have marched with Martin Luther King Jr. back in the day. And in the same breath say that private business owners should reserve the right, to discriminate against minorities. Dude, Martin Luther King Jr. would’ve stomped the shit out of you for even saying that shit to his face. Yeah, fuck being non-violent in the face of such bullshit.

I bet if Rand Paul had his way, as a U.S. Senator, in the face of pending legislation that involves Civil Rights, he would say, “Fuck your Civil Rights!” Is this the type of representative needed at the federal level these days? Oh yeah, that’s right, there’s a black president now so it’s time to bring back the good old days. Yep, guys like this would make Strom Thurmond proud if he were alive today.

But hey, Rand Paul is against discrimination as he said above. Well no, lemme correct that; he’s not exactly against discrimination. He’s against the government telling individuals that they can’t discriminate. So glad I can clear that up for you. Yep, they gov’t shouldn’t discriminate because it then becomes “institutional”. But the everyday bigot on the street reserves the right (per the constitution) to hang a sign that says, “No Niggers Allowed in This Establishment,” refuse to serve us, and get away with it without any legal recourse?

Hey Rand Paul, fuck you and the fiber of your being. Yeah, fuck you and the rest of your “non-racist” Tea Party buddies; yeah, and the slave-catcher Coons who roll with you. Yeah, and fuck the Neanderthal inbred. one-tooth-havin’, snake worshiping, moonshine drinking mountain dwellers who voted for you in Kentucky.

How’s that for freedom of speech?