Platinum Uterus Puts Baby Mama Breeding on the Map

By Ecosoulintellectual

All of the condoms and safe sex talks that underfunded clinics distributed through the years in inner city and poor rural areas to prevent the “scorn” of teen pregnancy.

The gorge of HIV warnings with the absence of youth employment and recreational programs.

Then you have the shun of being an African-American or Latina teen mother have haunted, no, have plagued our communities.

And now you have Bristol Palin, the born-again-virgin, getting paid $15k – $30k to speak about popping her couchie with a moose-killer who loves to “shoot shit.”

Just to think, a sigificant portion of this country were about to put in the White House, two generations of inbred breeders.

I puke at the fact that Sarah and her sperm collecting daughter, Bristol, use their children to make money off of the very things they rail against in political spaces.

I really believe there is some pimp in the back ground directing these two or possibly some real life “V” aliens pulling strings because this is outrageous.

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