Joseph Stack: It’s not called terrorism, it’s called having a bad day, and then you get a Facebook group in your honor – that’s if you’re white, of course

So lemme get this straight; a white male angry at the government flies a plane into a government building in Houston, and it is not considered an act of terrorism? What, terrorism or terroristic acts are only considered as such if the perpetrator is black or if his name sounds like you’re hacking up a lung?  Is that right? Is that how it is? So when it’s a white guy, he’s just considered to be having a bad day, right? Yep, he was “Falling Down”. Hopefully the next time I have a bad day and I get a speeding ticket, my Willy T. Ribbs impersonation isn’t seen as a personal Jihad or an attack on America.

Of course Joseph Stack didn’t just have a bad day. Not when right-wing nutjobs start a Facebook group in your honor and you’re heralded as a hero, and a true patriot. You know, sorta the same way abortion doctor murderer, Scott Roeder, was recognized last year? Sure Stack wasn’t a terrorist or an extremist; he was an “activist”. Yep, to be a terrorist you have to first be of another ethnicity and be proficient in wielding box cutters, and throwing rocks.

Look at this crap:

Adding insult to injury, Homeland Security officials released this statement: “We believe there’s no nexus with criminal or terrorist activity.” OK, yeah, so after you read his suicide note left on his website, you can conclude that he was a bit disturbed; and yes, he wasn’t just the black helicopter type; he had it out for not only the government but religion. But, er, um, make no mistakes about it, his actions cannot be concluded as nothing but an act of terrorism upon an obvious target. Which would be, the United States government, and any random innocent bystander.

So now the “fringe elements” of the right wing are going to be regarded as just that – fringe elements. Yes and everybody would be wrong to assert that the Tea Party madness doesn’t have an impact on the “crazies” among us. I mean we’ve seen this all before, right? Yep, surely you can believe that over the next few days that we’ll be subjected to the defense of conservatives, by conservatives, which are actually debunked myths.

But hey, what does it really matter when the only people who hate America are foreigners, who speak Arabic. Or, well, the occasional black dude who straps a bomb to his underwear, or shoots up a Military recruitment centers, or maybe bought too many guns in Detroit. I mean c’mon, not everyone can be Bill Ayers, and be so lucky to “pal around” with a presidential hopeful, right? You know, unlike “activists” like the hero Joseph Stack did down in Houston?