Aiesha Steward-Baker, get off my TV and stop crying, ya little hood-rat! Karma is a b*tch, and you reap what you sow! GTFOHWTB!

After reading about the bus beatdown Rippa posted about earlier (Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with public transportation these days? Obama, come handle this! We need cash for clunkers to get these crazies in cars ASAP), I just had to add my two cents about a now infamous beatdown, by way of Seattle (so ashamed).

In case you didn’t know, most of the country was captivated by the attack on 15 year old Aiesha Steward-Baker in the underground bus tunnel in Seattle. Most people were shocked, as was I, that this “poor” girl was attacked from behind, beaten, and stomped down to the ground a la Rodney King, all while security guards and bystanders watched. To make matters worse, she was robbed by a gang of people and left on the ground. I felt bad for her, and I wanted nothing more than for the little assholes who beat her ass to be put UNDER the jail. Well, apparently good ol’ Aiesha had it coming in a BIG way; check it:
Tami Cox, of Shoreline, says she was disturbed when she saw the now-infamous videotape of 15-year-old Aiesha Steward-Baker being kicked, punched and robbed in Seattle’s bus tunnel.

Cox was herself the victim of an assault and robbery on May 23, when she was attacked on an Edmonds street by two girls.

One of the girls arrested and charged in the assault was Steward-Baker.

“The video of the [transit tunnel] beating is awful, but once I saw her on ‘Good Morning America’ it made me sick to think that she has the nerve to play the victim when a few months back she was doing that to somebody else, and that somebody else was me,” said Cox, 50, an accountant at a law office.

Cox said she was walking home from an Edmonds pub shortly after midnight on May 23 when two “nicely dressed and polite girls” stopped and asked her for the time. When Cox pulled out her cellphone to check, the girls jumped her. One put Cox in a head lock and yanked at her hair while the second girl punched her in the face and chest and grabbed her purse.

Cox identified the girls who attacked her. She also spotted her purse, which was sitting on the hood of a squad car.

While Cox wasn’t hospitalized, she said that the fight left her with a sore neck, a bruised lip and chest and clumps of missing hair.

According to charging papers, Steward-Baker told police that she struck Cox, stole her purse and then dumped the bag in some shrubs.
It gets better! She also attacked a security guard by punching him in the head at Saar’s Market Place when he stopped her friend for shoplifting. Gotta love it! But wait! It gets better!
Steward-Baker’s public defender, Frederic Moll, said Wednesday that the girl plans to plead guilty to second-degree robbery Monday. However, he plans to seek a significantly reduced sentence because the teen suffers from an “abnormal” heart condition that can result in her death if she’s under too much stress or becomes short of breath, according to plea paperwork. (Source)Hmmm… If her heart condition is such a concern, then why wasn’t she worried about that when she ran from Cox and attacked the security guard? Matter of fact, she seems fine after that ass whoopin’ she so richly deserved took in the transit tunnel! Yes, Aiesha. That thing that happened to you? It’s called karma and it can be a bitch sometimes. You brutalized an innocent woman who graciously offered to help. You attacked a man for doing his job. Why should we take pity on you?

I don’t feel pity for her because she deserved it. She robbed, so she was robbed. She attacked people, so she was attacked. I personally want to congratulate the two officers who let her get her just desserts because she was overdrawn in her karma bank account. The people who beat her should go with her to jail… Matter of fact, just go ahead and establish a penal colony for little shits (and their derelict parents) and leave them there. At no point, did she ever take the mature route and say, “You know what? Save your pity. I am NOT a victim.”

And that’s what pisses me off the most is that she will make it harder for women, particularly black women and girls when they’ve been attacked for no good reason at all. She even has a lawyer from the NAACP, but we all know they are pretty worthless. From now on, when she comes on my television, I’m turning the channel. I don’t care about her fake victimhood, nor do I care about what happens to her after they start roasting her for her insincerity and lack of responsibility. At least not until she grows the hell up and becomes a productive and valuable part of her community and the world.

 There are plenty of people who deserve the care and attention this little monster is sucking up like a leech. Had her mama been disciplining that behind from jump, some kids wouldn’t have had to put on her in the first place; What goes around comes around. Treat others the way you would want to be treated, Aiesha. The next time, you won’t be so lucky. Someone might be waiting for you with a gun or a knife and you will no longer be at liberty to take out your self-hatred on others.