Ghetto PSA: How NOT to have a conversation on race while in the streets – Or how NOT to become the laughing stock of your homies via YouTube getting knocked out by old men

I pride myself as being astute when it comes to the art and skill of communication; be it verbal or written, I’m pretty good. Unfortunately, not everyone can be as skillful as I. One only has to look at some of the exchanges in the comment section of this blog to understand what I mean. So, allow me to demonstrate via the San Francisco AC Transit a much needed ghetto PSA directed at trolls and  the allegedly intelligent alike:

Failure to take heed could result in requesting an “amba’lampse”… while your blood spews everywhere as people laugh at you. Just because we have bigger penis’ doesn’t mean that you can throw on cornrows, look thug-like, and go around smacking 67yr old white men. For all we know that white man still has flashbacks about Vietnam every-night. It’s too bad that Sho’nuff didn’t notice the words on the back of the old dudes shirt which read…

By the way, just in case you’re a Tea Party aficionado. Let it be known that this is so not the way to go around “taking the country back.” Don’t let this one brother fool you into thinking that you guys can go Bufford “Walking Tall” Pusser if you feel like it and win. Stick to the internet with that; not in the streets.

Sucks to be you, dude: