Let’s all go to the Compton Ghetto Cook Out for Black History Month! Bring your “Weaves” and “Nappy” hair, but leave your “Baby-Momma” at home!!

We’re not Ghetto, we’re different!!

You know what I like to do to celebrate Black History Month? I like to read about influential Black leaders and put on my gold teeth, tack on a tacky weave (No Britney Spears) and enjoy some malt liquor and fried chicken at a good old Compton Cook Out. Oh, YOU ain’t know?

Officials at UC San Diego are condemning a ghetto-themed party organized by fraternity students to mock Black History Month.

(Click here to see the actual invitation! It’s a riot!)
A Facebook posting advertising Monday’s ‘Compton Cookout’ invited people to a condominium complex off-campus.

The invitation urged all participants to wear chains, rapper-style urban clothing by makers such as FUBU and speak very loudly.

Female participants were encouraged to be “ghetto chicks” with gold teeth, cheap clothes and “short, nappy hair.”

The invitation said the party would serve watermelon, chicken, malt liquor, cheap beer and a purple sugar-water concoction called “dat Purple Drank.
That’s a good ass time right there…

Matter of fact, they’re right! I will include a list of ten well known “ghetto girls!”

See!  I told you guys they were… Wait!  Oh, snap!  These women are white!*  What was I thinking…?
*Note: This isn’t to drag others down.  This is just to say that “ghetto” is not and should not be taken to mean black.  Because if ghetto is black, then all ten of these VERY high profile women above must be using some industrial grade skin lightening cream (word to Sammy Sosa)!