It snowed here in Memphis Tn. this morning. It probably snowed in alot of different places in America today, but snow in Memphis is a very rare event. When I looked outside and saw it, it was then I realized that the day was special. I don’t know, but given the historical significance of the day, I saw the snow as simply frozen tears of joy from my ancestors who have gone on before me. More specifically, I think it was the frozen tears of Martin Luther King Jr. After all, Memphis Tn. is the city where his life came to an end.

Having said that, its important to note that the title to this blog is actually a phrase taken from one of his speeches. To me, it puts into context what this day is or was about. You see, now only exists, well, right now. Right now is now, and it too will be history. What happens right now sets precedence for the future. Its great to look back and see how far we have come, but as Americans we must realize that in looking forward, we must understand what now is about. Ladies and gentlemen, change is here, change is you. Its what you do right now that determines what the future will look like.

Its important to understand that the events of today are a result of more than 2yrs of a campaign. What we saw today was something that was set in motion decades ago by some very brave, optimistic people who believed; people who dared to challenge the status quo; people with a heavy dose of ambition; people who were filled with hope. These were people who were not comfortable in the right now, or how life as they knew it was accepted widely in our society. So what did they do? They got up and decided to change their circumstances. I suspect that even then, they knew that through their efforts, this day would come.

This is why I don’t buy into the sentiment expressed by many that they never thought this day would ever come. Yes I know its almost unbelievable for many; I understand that. But in the right now, the events of today should serve as encouragement, and motivation to act in the now. Your actions right now do have an effect on you, me and everybody in society at large. Believe it or not, but it does.

In closing I want to leave you with one of my favorite mantras that I’ve adopted in my adult life: There are two things you can do with time, you can either waste it, or invest in it. Today, I’m grateful that there were people who came before me who decided to see the neccessary urgency of now. If they didn’t, I’m sure the world would be a very different place.

What are your thoughts right now?