Initially I wanted to do some live blogging as I watched the inauguration. But that was impossible to do because of the enormous range of feelings and emotions running though me just sitting in front of the TV. To sum it up: it was a good idea, but wrong event to even attempt such a feat; that’s why there was no pre-inaugural blogs from me on here.

But now that its over, I guess I can recap just a few of the thoughts I had in my head at the time as I was watching. Some of them, I’m hopefully not the only one to think about it. But then again, you folks already know how my mind works. So without further ado, I bring to you, my inauguration thoughts, post inauguration of course…

1) Maybe it was just me, but I was embarrassed that the event ran late. They said that its usually planned down to the minute and they have been successful in doing so in the past. Then here we have the first Black President and the event ran late? Not a good look for us Black folk. Hell, we’re always accused of showing up late to pretty much everything. And here at one of the most monumental moments in Black history…we run late. Does this mean that CPT (Colored People Time) is now an official standard now that Barack is in the White House?

2) Michelle Obama’s outfit she wore that day was hot. She looked sexy as hell in a formal event sorta way. You know like, if she was at the office Christmas party in that outfit, I’d try to sneak her into an office closet and…well, you know whumsayin. If I were a drag queen I’d definitely have to find a very similar outfit; green leather gloves included of course. No joke, she looked so good she made me wanna send her child support payments knowing her kids aren’t mine.

3) The kids (Sasha & Malia) were adorable. They looked so cute and well mannered that I doubt we’ll ever see a repeat of the Bush twins escapades. Yup, no fake ID stunts here.

4) Bill Clinton looked like a pimp as he walked into the place. Jimmy Carter and his wife still looked good. But what the fuck is up with George “Big Poppa” Bush? And will Barbara Bush always look like an old lady? Can it get worse for her? I mean she looked like an old lady 20yrs ago. And unlike her husband, she looks like she hasn’t aged a day in her life. Big Bush could hardly walk, and reminded me of a penguin the way he waddled around. Hell, I thought the event was gonna be over before he could go down the stairs and find his seat!

5) I was watching it on CNN, and they showed the VIP’s as they showed up and were seated. Was that really Muhammad Ali? I haven’t seen the brother in a while and I know he has Parkinson’s, but man he sure didn’t look anything like himself. I was glad that he was able to attend.

6) Speaking of which: Why was Steven Spielberg there? I know Alex Haley is dead and all, but Steven didn’t have shit to do with the movie “Roots”. Oh my bad, he had something to do with “Amistad”. I get it, but what the hell has Dustin Hoffman done, and why was he a VIP invitee? Where was Danny Glover? Hell, maybe even Flava Flav even? I wished I saw more prominent Black celebrities. And no CNN, flashing to a scene of New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin with a tear in his eye doesn’t count.

7) When they introduced or announced Aretha Franklin just before she sung, fear and curiosity overcame me. Everybody was talking about what Michelle Obama would be wearing to the ball, but I was concerned about what Aretha was gonna be wearing as she sung at this event. The last few times I’ve seen her perform at events she has managed to wear clothing that was rather revealing. And the last thing I wanted to see was the Queen Of Soul performing at the inauguration with her titties, or back fat hanging out. She didn’t disappoint me and I thought her hat was beautiful. Plus my favorite color is green, and she looked good.

8) Rick Warren prayed too damn long. Hell I think he went overboard and tried to be a lil extra to make up from the backlash of him being invited to do the invocation. Matter of fact, I think he’s still praying right now. Give it up Rick, you did good and nobody boo’d you. Well, nobody that we heard on TV anyway. Speaking of which, wouldn’t it be cool of they had the Sandman from the Amateur Night At The Apollo to come out and dance while he was praying and forced him to exit stage left?

9) Oh yeah, Obama’s official limo, “the beast” is the shit son! I’m not really a Cadillac man myself even having owned two in my life, but this limo has renewed my love. I almost wanna purchase a new one, but I’m sure the brothers in Memphis would beat me to it, and with customization, they sure would make mine look less presidential in comparison. Can you imagine how theirs would look?

10) For the first time through this whole thing, Barack looked nervous as he walked in to be introduced before being sworn in. I was wondering if it was the enormity of the event sinking in. Or was it the rash of death threats he received just prior? I wish there was a way CNN was able to report on the number of death threats received the way they did the commercials for “Black In America II”.

11) My most priceless moment of it all was not seeing Obama take the oath. If it was, that moment was fucked by the Supreme Court Justice Roberts anyway. Speaking of which, I was kinda unhappy that CNN kept Clarence Thomas on my TV screen as long as they did prior to the start of the event. But anyway. My most priceless moment was seeing Dick Cheney in a wheelchair. talk about Poetic Justice, and exiting stage left. This asshole in the last few weeks or month even, has been quite the defiant supporter of all the bullshit him and his sidekick George Bush (yes Bush was his sidekick, did you think Bush was really running the country?) has put us through over the last 8yrs. Any normal person (other than me) would have had sympathy for the man seeing him incapacitated like that and being reduced to a wheelchair for the changing of the guard. But not me. I saw it as payback, and I was kinda hoping that the frail older looking lady pushing him around would slip and allow him to roll down the steps at the scene of the event kinda like O.J. in the “Naked Gun” movie.

This is all I can think of for right now that sticks out in my mind today 24hrs later. Maybe you guys can identify with some of this. Maybe you can’t. But at any rate, these were just some of my random thoughts during one of the most historic events in American history. Sure they may sound dumb, but dammit its my reality. And besides, it was an event that will forever be remembered by everyone around the world.

Care to share any of your odd thoughts?

Hat tip to Keep It Trill for the pic