We all heard about this guy. I don’t care if you live under a rock, there’s no way in hell that you haven’t heard about Jesus Christ. There are enough white people (missionaries) in the world traveling to remote areas of the world to talk about him. I mean he IS the most famous dead guy of all time, and nobody could take that #1 ranking. But could you imagine if he was alive today? Could you imagine how different things would be? Not quite sure where I’m going with this huh?

Ok well lemme tell you….What if Jesus were alive today and he was a blogger? Its safe to assume that 99% of you who believe in God would pass him off as just another nut job. Most of you would laugh at his ass and call him crazy! I’m pretty sure thats the same response he got back in the day. I mean if I all of a sudden I started proclaiming to be the son of God I’m pretty sure a lot of you would dismiss me. Some of you probably won’t, but would rather continue reading my blogs just to laugh at my crazy ass. And then, some of you would believe me and would still be connected and cool with me. Either way, I’d become pretty popular around here and I’d attract fans and haters all alike.
Jesus would write blogs pointing out some of the foul people in the blogosphere. He’d write blogs about the dudes who do nothing but troll these pages looking for women they can score with. He’s write about all the people posting half naked pics of themselves on their pages trying to get attention. He’d write blogs about people who write bad poetry in an attempt to be deep. He’d write blogs about how stupid it is to have internet beef and arguments with people online. He’d write about all the women who sit online in pain after failed relationships who all lash out about men. He’d write about sorry ass dudes who fail to step up to the plate as fathers and raise their kids. He’d write blogs about all the women who grew up without positive male role models who have a hard time searching for love, who end up having 4 kids with different dudes. He’d write blogs about pretty much all kind of fucked up shit he sees in the world online and offline. Jesus would be like the biggest critic ever. He would do no different than what he did back in the day. He’d criticize people and offer them a chance to see themselves in a different light. He’d do that with the hopes that they would change their ways. Jesus would do that because he cared. If he didn’t care he’d be self centered and only write blogs about himself and how well he’s doing. He would never offer advice or words of encouragement to anyone. He’d pretty much be a narcicist; which is really no different than some of the people I’ve encountered on here. He’d post pics of himself every chance he could get to show the blog world just how beautiful he is. I mean keeping it real, Jesus would be on his own dick and he’d have no friends. He’d probably have to always remind people that he wrote a new blog, by leaving links to his page in their comments. He’d have to beg for comments and shit like that all the time. People would pretend that they like him but talk shit about him behind his back. But I’m pretty sure that like today, they talked shit about him behind his back in biblical times. I mean he’d be criticized by people for having half naked chicks on his friends list on somewhere like MySpace. People wouldn’t understand him having gay friends on his list as well. People would talk shit about Jesus just like we talk shit about regular people today. Hell Jesus talked shit about people in his day, so who are we to be any different.
The difference is, Jesus wasn’t just a critic just for being a critic sake. Like I noted before, he talked about people in an attempt to show people themselves with the hopes of them changing their ways. But instead, with our simple “human” eyes and minds we fail to see the bigger picture. Look, I fuck with people on here and talk shit just like Jesus did. I do it not because I enjoy fuckin with people. I do it because if I could make somebody think about doing things differently, then I did my job. Matter of fact, maybe Christians are right? Maybe we should all be more like Jesus? Not be more like him so we can get to heaven. But be more like him so that we can change lives. I’m a firm believer that your thoughts control your actions. So I’m gonna take a page from the Jesus handbook and continue to say and do shit around here, and in your comments for you to think about. Maybe by doing so, you’ll be forced to think differently and in the end act differently. They talked shit about Jesus back in the day and they killed him. Maybe if he was alive today and blogging, things would be different? Maybe he would’ve never been crucified? Maybe he would’ve been ignored enough to not piss anybody off? Maybe he actually wrote this blog? Maybe he wouldn’t run around calling himself a Christian, but instead allow his writting, and interaction with people in his or on other blogs to be less self centered? What would Jesus do?

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