Oh so he’s the “Professor in Chief” now, huh? Yet another way to disguise the obvious

I don’t know, but maybe the sight of all that snow on the east coast in recent days has driven Rush Limbaugh to relapse. I could be wrong but seeing all that “white powder” piled high at every turn could be the very thing to force an addict to pick up a crack pipe I suppose. A well known one-time drug abuser, something Limbaugh said on his show today has me thinking whether somebody needs to drug test him before each episode. Personally I say screw the piss test and take him off the air, but that would be too much like infringing on his right to free speech.

So anyway, Conservatives being their racist conservative ‘selves have been pulled another label for Barack Obama out of their “Post Jim Crow But Not Really” trick-bag. My guess is they’re tired of the “Nazi” talk and now they’ve found that through the results of much research by their xenophobic public relation think tanks. That maybe calling him “Professor” may be more, how should I say, politically correct. Posted at InsideHigherEd.com, Harvard Professor Charles J. Ogletree weighed in on the use of that word and noted said racial/racist undertones. Ogletree’s argument was that “professor” was a coded way to call Obama “uppity”.

And of course Limbaugh disagreed:

This is two different kinds of uppity that are being discussed about here. So now is professor the P-word? We’ve got the N-word, we have the R-word, and now we have the P-word? We can’t — we gotta — we gotta speak in code? And only people who don’t know what P-word is will understand what we’re saying.”The idea that he’s not one of us, Ogletree says of the professor label. He has these ideas on that are left-wing that are socialist, that he’s palling around with terrorists. Those are buzzwords, but the reality was that they were looking at this president as an African-American who is out of place.” You know, Professor Ogletree, I hate to burst the balloon, but the single most important reason Obama was elected was his race.A bunch of white people who thought electing a black president would assuage all of their guilt and erase our racial past voted for Obama. They couldn’t of cared less what he thought, what he said. He didn’t think of his as uppity, they were being selfish. They didn’t like feeling guilty over our racists past, slavery, and so they thought pulling the lever for Obama would absolve them. It wasn’t for his policies, as we are now quickly learning.Limbaugh went on to add that Obama “is uppity, but not as a black. He is Elitist.” I dunno, maybe he found a connect with that 1987 Nino Brown crack because he was on a good one today. So let’s see, black people voted for him because he’s black, and so did the white folks who wanted Hope & Change from politics of old? I don’t know what you may think, but I see this as yet another attack on black intelligentsia. If you don’t believe me, Limbaugh went on to say that we need to define “smart” and “intellectual” because Barack Obama is virtually wrong on everything and is ruining our country. I could be wrong, but I’d rather have a “professor” at the wheel than an alcoholic C-student who has trouble pronouncing the word nuclear.