How Capital Punishment Can Be Fun For The Whole Family (white family)

Recently, while sitting on death row, Troy Davis received some great news. No, he has not been exonerated and cleared of his conviction. And no, he is not set to walk out of the prison gates anytime soon. Instead, Troy Davis’ appeal for a new trial in light of new evidence was reviewed and granted by the United States Supreme Court. In my opinion, this news is a testament to the hard work that many here and around the world have exerted on behalf of Mr. Davis, truth, and justice, through activism.

As his new trial is set to start, we must all remember the undeniable truth of not only our judicial system, but more specifically, Capital Punishment here in these United States:Um, just for the record, being the almighty racism chaser, and champion for truth and justice that I am. I hope you enjoyed this presentation and illustration of what Rush Limbaugh has asserted in that racism is made up, and a figment of the imagination of liberals. Hey, somebody has to put this stuff out there. And here’s to hoping that the truth shall set Troy Davis free.