BREAKING NEWS: Rappers now forced to drop the “N-Word” – Where all my Socialists at?!!

Ok listen people, I’ve got good news and bad news. The bad news is that the president of the United States is Black. The good news is that race relations have improved and with his success, we’re no longer niggers. Instead, Black people are all now Socialists or Nazis. Don’t you love it? The NAACP had a mock burial of the “N-Word” a few years ago as a symbolic gesture in protest of said word. As I said, it was a symbolic gesture; in reality the word lived on among our caucasian cousins and ourselves. What the NAACP should have done instead, was to spend some time and effort into getting a Black man into the White House. Whether you love him or hate him, you cannot deny just how effective and forward thinking he is, and what he’s done for Black America:
I don’t know about you, but as a Black man in America I’m glad that we’ve moved up from such a derogatory word. Isn’t this great for our country? Seriously it makes me proud. OK, so yeah, “certain people” are still a little bit upset at the fact that a Black family gets to use the bathroom in the White House without asking for permission man is directing public policy in such a major way. And yeah, some of them may feel threatened by this. But even so, even they have given in to the winds of change and are now expressing a more acceptable term of endearment such as Socialist and the new N-Word…Nazi? Which is something that’s pretty cool because we’ll no longer be forced into that whole “Nigga” vs. “Nigger” debate like we’ve been.

This is all revolutionary for America people. Actually, what it does is put racism ambulance chasers like myself, Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson out of work. I mean after all, people like us are always quick to pull the race card when it’s not even necessary, right? Not only that, but finally people will stop bitching about rappers using the old “N-Word”. They’re now forced to start sending obligatory shoutouts to all the socialists on lockdown, and in the streets who represent for all the real Nazis in the hood. Oh that bitches and hoes thing? We’ll get to that in due time; baby steps people, baby steps. What’s more important than that right now is, what are we gonna call Wiggers from here on out? Man, socialist please! Don’t act like there aren’t any wannabe Nazis among us like Tim Wise and Barney Frank.

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(Hat-tip to We Are Respectable Negroes for the video)