Racism is imagined, and a conspiracy of Liberals – so says Rush Limbaugh – Damn he’s a genius

I bet you never knew that the racism that Black people, other minorities, as well as non-minority do-gooders often speak out against is imagined. Yup, it’s all a plot of Liberals who have essentially destroyed the can do spirit that is America. Uh huh, the whole Civil Rights movement, Slavery, and all of that stuff were made up in a Hollywood studio just like the lunar landing.

Don’t believe me?

Check this out:

Uh huh, did you get that? That was nice wasn’t it? Way to go making a case for Conservatism there Rush! Shit all this time I thought some of the subject matter I’ve covered in blogs as it relates to republicans and racism was real. You mean to tell me that none of that happened? It’s a conspiracy? Really? Racism in this country is as real as Mr. Snuffalupagus? No shit Rush? Are you serious?

So wait, all the stuff you guys did during the campaign, you know, the Magic Negro stuff, Obama waffles, the monkey caricature, the White chick with the backwards “B” on her face who was attacked by a Black man etc., etc. You mean to tell me that the people behind all of that were Rev. Jesse Jackson and Rev. Al Sharpton? They did the Southern Strategy too?!!

You mean they made millions of dollars staging all those events just like the Willie Horton ads, John McCain’s illegitimate Black baby and shit like that? They fuckin made all this racism stuff up? So I guess I, and the 93% of the Black people that voted for Obama have wasted our votes all based on a conspiracy? A conspiracy all made up by Liberals in America?

Listen Rush, I’ve heard this bullshit time and time again as an attack on Liberals and the Black vote. I used to think what you said was really nothing but another line from the republican/conservative playbook on divisiveness. Yup, and I used to have a problem with Black Republicans, but all of that has now changed.

I now realize that my perception of racism and race matters were all imagined. Yup, as a matter of fact, I’m willing to bet that slavery, the middle passage and all of that was a lie as well. Shit, up until now I thought that asshole who shot up the Jewish Holocaust Museum last week was a racist White Supremacist idiot. Thankfully now I know all of that was imagined, and to you sir, I owe a lot.

I’m outta here..

I’m about to burn my copy of Democracy Matters & Race Matters by Cornel West.