Guest Blogger: Would the Government f*ck Tiger Woods too? (by Folk)

So what’s on Folk’s fvcking mind after some time of rest and relax-fvcking-ation? Well like most of you, Folk trying not to be blinded by the fvcking governmental media conspiracy light. Back at the J. O. B., people asking about “What you think about Tiger this, Tiger that! Black ladies hating. Black dudes hollering ‘that’s what a motherfvcker get for fvcking with those WHITE girls’. Tiger, Tiger, Tiger!” Where you at Folk? What you got? How you feel about this son?

…[momentary silence]

Folk don’t give a fvck! Folk don’t fvcking care about the whole Tiger Woo sh!t and neither should any of you fvckers either. Who the fvck cares who Tiger fvcking. If it’s one WHITE girl or twenty! Plus, what the fvck does it matters if his wife is WHITE? She’s a fvcking person and if the allegations are true, then she’s just as hurt as the next motherfvcker who’s the mother of a man’s seed. At least she’s rich! Some of y’all agonizing over motherfvckers who ain’t got no job. So fvck all y’all who spending time discussing, debating, demoralizing, or even fvcking jacking off on the images of the alleged “other woman.”

And Folk ain’t thinking about that White House dinner sh!t either. Y’all motherfvckers who screaming conspiracy should shut the fvck up! Fvck them broke azz fvckers who was trying to get their free dinner on.

Come on people! Stop being blinded by fvcking media diversionary tactics! What y’all should be concerned about is why is the media playing this sh!t up when over 10% of y’all fvckers are out of work. Over 20% of motherfvckers houses are upside down and the fvckers in congress are quietly performing a “reach around” on the American public called Health Care Reform. Yeah… Health care fvckers!

While the media has all us in a frenzy about “other” sh!t, the Senate is busy trying to figure out new ways to give the American public a “shell” of health care to basically place a “governmental tit in the mouth” of a crying American public. The government don’t give a fvck about real health care reform, how y’all live what pitiful lives y’all have left, or how miserable you fvckers are while you live what life you have left while dribbling on the media bullsh!t shoved down our throats. The fvcking country is spiraling out of control. America… [read tax payers – that’s you and me] have debt shoved up so far up our azzholes that foreclosure is tattooed on our foreheads.

America was built upon the the theory of “A government for the people BY THE PEOPLE”. People like us! Not part of the elitist 1%. Roughly 44% of congress are millionaires. Ballers. Shot callers. For real! The bail out on Wall Street was no more than the bailout of your elected officials. Guess what was the 2nd most commonly held stock among “the government BY THE PEOPLE”… Bank of Fvcking America. While Americans are loosing income, jobs, equity, dignity, and precious time debating senseless bullsh!t on the media tube, congressional members by large has expanded their wealth. During a fvcking recession! Those fvckers gained!

And if you’re wondering why our elected officials are so concerned about the cost of Health Care and it’s effect on Health Care providers’ bottom line… It’s because those fvckers hold stock in health care related companies! [source]

Enough ranting so go back to wondering just who Tiger Woo fvcking.

Wonder if Tiger got that loooooonnnng stroke? You know, that NINE IRON? Making those WHITE women moan for hours in pure pleasure? Dominating the front straight with constant consistent strokes. Dropping balls on green, teasing the hole on the third. Getting a little wet on the fourth. Making them rub those bags and squeezing hard on the towel as T Wood recovers in the “back nine’, all while wiping the sweat from ya forehead with hundred dollar bills! You can feel the energy grow and the temperature rise as the rough is being dominated by…

[bzzzzzz… bzzzzzzz] [Blackberry incoming text: “I will wear you out…when was the last time you got (bleeped)?” [alleged text: source] Baby that text is from the government. Yeah, she they wont stop fvcking with me baby. Now, uhhhh….. What were we talking about? Oh yeah, Health Care who is Tiger fvcking?

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