Barack Obama’s war in Afghanistan: Crack Pipe, Peace Pipe… Same difference!

“It should be incandescently clear that no one who has any concern for the integrity and life of America today can ignore the present war.” – Martin Luther King Jr. So I woke up yesterday only to be greeted by one of my Black Republican buddies on Facebook by the question: So what are your thoughts on Obama’s war? The question didn’t throw me off as it is what I have come to expect from Conservatives. Obama’s war? Wait a minute, didn’t we invade Afghanistan a little over 8yrs ago? Shit, they way they’ve spun this, you would swear that there aren’t any troops currently deployed to that God forsaken depleted part of the world. My buddy then went on to criticize Barack Obama as I expect all now rehabilitated warmongering neoconservatives and their legion of lemmings to do.

My man said Obama was a hypocrite because he was an anti-war candidate while he campaigned for the highest office in the land. I laughed at after I questioned myself as to whether there has ever been an anti-war candidate, or whether there was ever one to successfully become president. I had to check my buddy again and remind him that Barack Obama was against the Iraq war, didn’t vote for the then “surge”, but always stated that the focus should have been Afghanistan.

Of course he didn’t believe me; it’s just like conservatives and their selective amnesia. But anyway, my man went in on Obama and said that the war in Afghanistan was stupid, and his decision to escalate troops was foolish because people in Afghanistan were too primitive to be fighting and as a result as he said “We’ll never win!.” Of course I laughed again because this was the same guy all gung ho about the “War on Terror,” and tracking down some boogieman hooked up to a dialysis machine as he sat in a cave sipping ice tea, and reading the latest Taliban Playboy magazine edition.

These conservatives are a trip and a half. It’s obvious that Dick Cheney has something against his cousin Barack Obama. I dunno, maybe he didn’t get much love at the last family reunion, and he’s a little salty. This fool had the nerve to come out of the lair he shares with the Grinch who stole Christmas and suggest that Obama was taking too long to make a decision on Afghanistan. And when Barack finally made the move, Dick Cheney had the nerve to say that Obama was “weak”. Yeah Obama is weak but it took him and George Bush took only 50 days to defeat the Taliban in Afghanistan when they went in just after the events of 9/11.

You know, for a war criminal Cheney is a bold muthafucka!

Really Dickhead Cheney? Mission accomplished? Different country, but do you remember that shit? Lemme guess, all this time troops in Afghanistan have been dying from boredom as they made finger puppets, right? Yeah, all those American casualties were as a result of paper cuts and the fact that like America, there is no Universal Health-care in Afghanistan? Yep, and Obama is sending in 30,000 extra troops just in time for Christmas to drop off toys for little Muslim children who pray every-night to Jesus for a Zhu Zhu Pet.

Look, personally, I think Obama made a bad move with this, and I wish he would have decided on bringing those troops home rather than add to quagmire that it already is. Of course I know that he had always lobbied for Afghanistan. But I thought it was just a front while he campaigned because, well, you know how Negroes go out of the way “To show how hard dey is.” Yeah, I thought he was just trying to gain support from all those John Wayne war movie loving folks who are clueless as to what war really looks like. But hey, his approval rating with the “white folks” is now at a paltry 39%, so I could see him doing what he’s doing to, well, “Show dem how hard him is!”

I’m an anti-war kinda guy and yes I’m disappointed by his decision. Uh-huh, and as an Obama supporter myself, I’m not hearing anymore of that talk about what George W. Bush did in the past from him or any of you other Obama supporters – especially those of you of the Negro kind who are comfortable with the “Give the prez a chance, he has only been in office 2 weeks” bullshit line.

I’m sorry, but with the economy the way it is, where the unemployed will have to show ID for goods and services when paying with cash because their credit is fucked up. I’m not feeling a 30,000 troop increase that is going to cost about $1 million per man for 18 months. Yep, especially when only $100 million of the Stimulus has been spent to date with 3/4’s of it still in a stash box somewhere like muthafuckas do when there’s a weed drought.

At the end of the day, though disappointed in Barack, I guess one can say he’s consistent. If you don’t believe me about that, checkout what this smart white man Howard Zinn has to say below…

This isn’t Obama’s war, and it damn sure ain’t change…

but it sure is American…

P.S. The war in Afghanistan, just like the war in Iraq, is all about oil.

Click the following link and see for yourself The Oil Factor (2005).

You seriously should watch this video: