Maurice Clemmons: Is it okay for “THEM” to speak on Black issues?

By Seattle Slim

In case you haven’t been able to catch any news this week, the internet and the news outlets, especially here in the Seattle area, have been abuzz after the cruel execution of four police officers from the Lakewood Police Department on Sunday at a Forza coffee shop while they prepared for their day. The killer was a deranged, child rapist/molester, with one hell of a rap sheet, Maurice Clemmons.

Naturally, the perpetrator being black was a factor in some of the conversations in the aftermath. I guess some folks couldn’t resist, considering just one month before, Ofcr. Tim Brenton was also executed by a biracial (black) man.

Some voiced yesterday and today that there was a “subculture” that was very much against cops, and we all know that “subculture” means black folks or ghetto black folks, one of the two (or even both).

On the Dori Munson show on KIRO FM, he kept mentioning this “subculture”, because Clemmons had what seemed like an Army of dirtbag family members and friends who had been coddling and protecting his ass, when he should’ve answered for his actions. Matter of fact, the police hauled in quite a few of his accomplices and they aren’t done yet.

People out here just can’t understand how his family members and friends tended to his gunshot wounds, protected him, gave him money (they’ve bailed him out in the past for heinous crimes, including child rape), and helped him elude the police. Hell, I can’t understand it. I’m more disgusted the more details I read.

Most of us in this black blogosphere have been railing against the kind of black folks that rape and destroy their communities, families and their surroundings for some time. You’re not going to question my reasons unless you’re ultra sensitive and projecting. You don’t necessarily question Rippa or The Field Negro when they rip into animals like Clemmons on the regular.

Is it then okay for white bloggers and commentators to voice their opinions on the “Tragic Negroes” screwing things up for the rest of us (seriously, they were stopping black men trying to catch this perp)? Or will they never be privy to these types of discussions?

I told my brother and Mr. Slim that I have no problem with others speaking on these “subcultures” formed by dregs within the black community, however, they must truly be educated enough to speak on it, and not just spout off at the mouth out because of stereotypes and miseducation and misinformation. That doesn’t bring anything to a discussion, it only detracts. By focusing on things that are not based in fact, it’s hard to move forward. However, we all live together in this world, and we need to keep open dialogs about race and all the racial politics that come with us being neighbors here.

Let’s be honest. Maurice Clemmons was NOT unique. There are others just like Maurice Clemmons and his accomplices (which include women) terrorizing good, hardworking black folks who are trying to live in peace. Unfortunately, there will be more just like him. He’s gotten attention because he killed four officers, but had he gunned down some thugs or others in a “ghetto”, most people wouldn’t care. I’m not saying that to detract from the memory of the four officers. In fact, I am saying that his actions have brought the problems faced by many in poverty-stricken areas to everyone’s front door.

He shot four officers in a nice coffee shop. He didn’t do it in project building’s hallway. He did it in a “safe zone” and that changes many things.

Now, it’s no longer really a conversation where people say, “Let them kill each other! The less thugs the better!” It’s a conversation where people of all races are asking, “What went wrong? What’s happening?”

Some black folks might say that non-blacks are not entitled to speak on “our issues.” I don’t know if I agree with that. After all, I highly doubt Maurice Clemmons cared about race.

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