GUEST BLOGGER: Sweet Jezbus, They Outta Chicken! (by Fungke Blak Chik)

Last year, Al Copeland, the found of Popeyes Chicken died after his fight with cancer. This year, Al Copeland managed to roll over in his grave, because of the craziest that took place across the country when Popeyes decided to throw cheap chicken and biscuits to hungry, recession mad negroes people. It’s funny I didn’t even know about the cheap chicken catastrophe until the day after it was all over. Excuse me for not wanting to rush to my nearest Popeyes to get my arteries further clogged by their super sized hormone enlarged chicken breasts, and their extra buttery biscuits.

Last night on Twitter, I came across the video below from @TalkToTisha. The below video shows what happened at one Popeyes in Rottenchester (Rochester, NY), where we both ironically grew up.

“People got kids, they’re trying to feed…and you mean to tell me we can’t feed our kids???” “No chicken?” “They always run out of something.” “I wanted some chicken today.” “They shoulda had a stockpile of chicken.” “I was tryna feed my family tonight.” If you notice, the news anchor on the right, looked as though she was about to burst into laughter. I could only imagine what was going through her head. Now, I wonder if there were news cameras in the Penfield area (a less ‘black’ area) Popeyes restaurant there, waiting to see the reaction from the white customers. I highly doubt it. Sometimes I want to scream at the top of my lungs, “WHAT THE FUCK BLACK PEOPLE???” Is chicken that serious for you to embarrass yourself on national television? If you were so desperate to feed your children, take your ass into the kitchen and cook! Spend that $4.99 plus tax on some broccoli! Of course the news station, WHAM 13, caught a lot of slack and wrote about it on their own website. I’d definitely call WHAM’s news coverage of this story wack journalism at it’s best. It’s always a great thing when the local news can get a laugh or two out of the lack of fried chicken.