It’s almost Mother’s Day and…

It hit me the other day that Mother’s Day was right around the corner. Holidays like those always sneak up on me. So I was thinking about what type of gift to get for my mother. My mother lives in Brooklyn New York, and I’m here in Memphis TN. damn another world with less White people. So, we don’t get to see each other face to face as often as I would like. I thought about maybe a surprise visit to New York, but I don’t think I can afford such a short trip.

It was then that I got to thinking about all the previous Mother’s Day gifts; even going all the way back to those ugly little cards we used to make in grade school. Those cards were so raggedy looking but your mother never ever let it show. She was happy, and you felt good and never gave any thought to whether your card was good enough. Ah yes, the simple life. I’ve given my mother many gifts over the years. So as I’m thinking about it, I’m stuck on what to give her. I mean what do you give your mom when you’ve pretty much given her everything, right?

That’s when it hit me; maybe I should get her a sex toy. I mean hey, that’s something I’ve never done. I don’t know if she would use it or even know what it is should she to open something like that in the mail. Do you think that would be inappropriate? What? It’s not like she’s never had sex before. I don’t know about you but I could remember being like 7yrs old and sneaking and reading her porn magazines; or did they belong to my dad? Either way, they had a sex draw full of stuff. No joke, for a long time I thought condoms were balloons and me and my little brother would have water balloon fights with them.

My mom and my dad has been divorced for well over 20yrs and she has never had another boyfriend other than Jesus. That said, there are times I wonder about her and how does she do it. Do you think that would be wrong? Do you think you could ever buy your mother a vibrator, dildo or any other sex toy as a gift? How do you think she would react if you did? Do you think she would use it? What if one of your kids gave you a sex toy as a present, how do you deal with that?