Does former NBA star Reggie Miller need to have his penis glued to his stomach next?

One of my good friends who screws dates nothing but white women has often told me that white women are more stupid easier fooled than Black women. To him I would always say that White women will be the death of him. But somehow he seems to always come away unscathed as he moved on from one to the next. Donessa T. Davis was not as lucky as my friend; not this time at least. You see, my man ‘Nessa pictured above was recently caught up in a “love” triangle. Actually, he was caught up in a situation with his wife and three other women. Surely you’ve heard the story of how they set him up, beat his ass and glued his penis to his stomach right?

Well, how about this guy was arrested for child abuse, theft, unlawful phone use and harassment with a death threat in a domestic abuse investigation after his recent situation? I guess when you have your penis glued to your stomach and your ass whipped like a slave by four white women you’d be a little pissed and would have to resort to a little harassment to regain some level of respect. I mean given his “real n*gga” past with arrests, restraining orders and such, what else can we expect. Shit, if I had to chew through rope to escape an ass-whoopin by four ugly white women I too would have some shit to say to a few people.

Yeah, being thrust into the spotlight in an embarrassing way can make you do silly things. Hopefully former NBA star Reggie Miller doesn’t resort to such behavior. You see, it’s been alleged that Reggie has a thing for married women. When I first heard this I was shocked and though obviously they’re confusing Reggie for his sister Cheryl; you know how aggressive some lesbians can be; surely Reggie “nice guy” Miller would do no such thing. According to reports, Reggie was the recipient of a restraining order in an attempt to have him stop harassing the fiance of a businessman who’s soon to be wife is white. Instead, Alex von Furstenberg paid to have one of those banner advertising planes fly over Malibu beach with a banner that said:

REGGIE MILLER STOP PURSUING MARRIED WOMEN”.Further, according to an interview with Alex von Furstenberg, in a recent confrontation with Reggie, Miller is alleged to have threatened him and said, “he had friends with guns.” I knew Reggie Miller had a mean three pointer when he played ball. But friends with guns? Reggie Miller thugged out? Who knew? I’m sorry, but he doesn’t come off as the “Straight Out of Compton” type of guy, but hey you never know about those Black guys when they try and get with white chicks. I imagine they play hard on that thug stereotype since women tend to go for that sort of thing. Hopefully this is now a dead issue with Reggie, this white chick and her fiance. The last thing we need to hear in the news is that he was kidnapped, had his teeth fixed instead of gluing his penis to his stomach.
I still don’t know if white women are easier than Black women. But I do know that white women aren’t playing and they’re getting gangster on that ass. All you white girl loving brothers out there better pay attention. Keep on f*cking around thinking you can get over on these white girls and get your ass McNair’d or your little willy tucked and super-glued between your legs. Trust me, that’s far worse than having a Black woman pour hot grits on your ass. At least that’s what I think. I don’t know what you may have to say about this, but maybe white women are easier hence brothers doing silly stuff such as I mentioned above. I’m just sayin’, certainly it can’t be because they’re freakier.