80yr old woman gets slammed by the police. The good news is that she won’t remember any of it because she has Alzheimers.

Remember the good old days when cops helped little old ladies across the street? Yep, that was a long time ago, and apparently times have changed. Yes, apparently old women are thugged out these days. Blame it on gangster rap I suppose, but apparently 80yr old women run the streets and are a menace. Uh huh, apparently old women walk around wielding Rambo knives and they’ve been carving up good citizens with the precision of Jason Vorhees in a Friday the 13th movie. Yes, aren’t you glad that we have police officers who are employed to protect us from little old ladies like this one:[watch the full video here]

I don’t know why people are all upset over this. I’m just sayin’, lord knows what could have happened if this geriatric criminal was not caught. Did you hear what the expert on the news had to say about this incident? Yep, that officer did what she had to do. OK yeah, so she had Alzheimer, big deal. At least she’ll be able to forget what happened to her and live happily ever after. The police was just protecting her from herself as well as other citizens. I mean, you know how these criminals have been taking over our streets lately. You know, like this guy did recently:What was this guy thinking? You can’t just go around hijacking bathrooms the way he did. If you’re gonna do something like that at least make sure you work at the establishment. I mean for real! What if someone was sick and they had to run to use that bathroom? Huh, what then? But don’t tell that to his family who are pursuing a lawsuit against the police department. How were the police supposed to know there was a deaf guy on the other side of the bathroom door. For all they knew, he could have been some guy holed up in there smoking crack. Or worse, operating a meth lab.
Hell, he’s lucky he didn’t get shot and all he got was pepper sprayed and tasered followed by a trip to the county jail. I mean they didn’t exactly have to give that deaf guy a ride home or even call an ambulance for that old woman. Shit, if you ask me, I think the cops were really nice to these people. Now all we have to do is encourage the police to stay on their jobs and apprehend real criminals on our streets. Yes, people like the savages mentioned above are a indeed a priority unlike this guy in the following clip. Yes, arresting him was a real injustice and we need to get thing like this stopped:I mean let’s be honest, did this guy really do anything wrong?