Is BET’s Black College Tour a good or bad thing? Is this the best way to highlight HBCUs?

See the kid in the picture above? That’s my little bro who’s currently attending North Carolina A&T. I love that young man, and he reminds me of myself when I was in college. See back then, I was somewhat of a rabble rouser when it came to activism, social justice, and that whole change thing before it married hope and became a presidential campaign slogan.

My brother called me the other night to ask me what were my thoughts about BET. Never one to hold my tongue, I told him how I felt. After which he informed me that BET has contacted his college and has asked if they could come to their campus as part of their Black College Tour. If you’re not aware of just what that is, it’s a program which airs on BET every year. Each week, they take a camera crew to selected HBCUs and showcase what’s supposed to be Black college life. After watching it you get the impression that there’s a rapper who performs on all Black campus’ at the Greek step shows which are held at least nine times a day. Uh huh, no wonder the graduation rate at HBCUs are what they are.

But anywhichaways, my brother is opposed to them coming because as he sees it, BET has nothing to offer mainstream Black America. I mean, that’s with the exception of College Hill of course; you can’t knock quality programing like that; if I was 17 or 18 years old again, I’d definitely wanna go to college after watching that show. So now my brother and the SGA (Student Government Association) president are putting together a plan of action to stop BET from coming to their school. Yep, we all had a small phone conference discussing it. I don’t want to get into much of what was said, but all I can say is that I’m proud that there are young people who are willing to take a stand against the bullshit.

It’s going to be interesting to see how this turns out and I promise to update you guys as to how it develops. Until then, just because you need a good laugh today, be sure to checkout this episode from The Boondocks and lemme know what you think. Also, be sure to lemme know your thoughts on the “Say No to BET” campaign that my brother and his friends and fellow students are undertaking. Me as an old head, I’ll just sit back and watch how they the young people make it happen.

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