BREAKING NEWS: Michael Jackson’s doctor now a suspect in the murder of Tupac Shakur and The Notorious B.I.G.

Lets see, Michael Jackson has been dead for about 6mths now, he still hasn’t been buried, and the coroners office just a couple of days ago said that they’ve concluded their investigation into the cause of death. Great, finally we can find out what exactly killed the man. Unfortunately for the world, the coroners office has yet to release it’s findings and they have yet to do so under the instructions of the Los Angeles Police Department.

Well, according to them, they’re still actively investigating Jackson’s death as a homicide so therefore the results of the autopsy should be kept under wraps for now. You know what that tells me? That tells me that they’re putting together an airtight case on Dr. Conrad Murray. Yep, I get the impression that they’re not only getting all of their ducks lined up in a row, they’re doing all they can to make sure this guy goes down and tie him to other crimes. If this Negro has warrants for unpaid jaywalking tickets he’s going to do prison time.

I’m just sayin’, we now know that this married doctor is behind on child support, has money problems, and is also an alleged Captain Save-A-Hoe. Yeah, “allegedly”, Dr. Death has an arrangement with an ex-stripper he was courting on the side, with whom he has a love child; hey, you say “love child”, I say “Champagne Room” baby.

Dr. Conrad Murray – under investigation for giving Jackson the anesthetic propofol – met Nicole Alvarez, 27, while she danced at the Vegas club Crazy Horse in December 2005, said ex-pal Ben Harris Jr.Harris said he saw a $3,500 check Murray gave her after their first encounter during a weekend swing through Sin City.”She came home the next morning excited,” said Harris. “She woke me up – ‘Boobie! Oh my goodness. I hit the jackpot.'”He said Murray helped Alvarez move from her mom’s rental to a posh Santa Monica pad and gave her a BMW.”I rode in Murray’s car and even helped Nicole spend his money,” said Harris, who has written a manuscript about their escapades titled “A Lucrative Vengeance.”Alvarez declined to comment. A neighbor said she still lives in the apartment with her baby, Che Murray, born March 2.A birth certificate first obtained by RadarOnline identifies Murray as the father. His lawyer declined comment. [source]See? Why else would we know this type of information, but yet to know just exactly what killed Michael Jackson? I’m kinda tired of hearing about this guy’s personal life to be honest with you and I wish they would just go ahead and arrest him already. But I’ve watched Law & Order and The First 48 on television a time or two and I understand that they need something solid on him.
I mean think about it: if Dr. Broke-Pimp was in such financial trouble as he was/is, having to support a “retired” stripper (which from what I hear is kinda expensive), why would he kill Michael Jackson even accidentally? Yep, where’s the motive? Seems like as f*cked up as this guy was while MJ was alive he damn sure would have done all he could to keep his cash cow breathing. And you see, like me, the cops are smart so they’re going to pin pretty much any unsolved murder on this guy in order for justice to prevail.
I mean c’mon, this is the King of Pop who’s dead that we’re talking about here. They cannot afford to let this guy slide as they did the leprechaun who killed Biggie and Tupac so they’re going hard on this one. Yep, you know how the police love “sprinkling crack” on Black suspects. Don’t be surprised if they implicate this guy in the assassination of John F. Kennedy as well. Yep, from here on out Dr. Conrad Murray will be implicated in all gang-related murders, drive-by shootings, and any car jacking which resulted in death in Los Angeles County. Hell, he just might be the reason the push for health care reform fails. You know how it is: always blame the Black guy.